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Reach Out to Kitties & Their Humans! Advertise With Me!

Do you have a quality product or service that the readers of my blog would love? Then let them know with a 125x125px graphic ad! Here is a little bit about my readers:

  • They lean female, although I do have a surprising number of guys who love cats that come visit me. Some of them are under 30, but most of them are between 30 and 60. Some are older than that.
  • They are smart and creative, and they appreciate work by other smart and creative individuals.
  • They are either cats, or they are humans who worship cats, and either way they are looking for great new products/ toys/ food that will enhance the lives and health of the resident felines.
  • Most humans who come here don’t have a whole lot of expendable income, but what they have they will spend on their cats. And there are the occasional folks who are willing to drop a serious wad of money on something really special — I have seen it happen!

Every ad on my blog is paw picked. I love my readers and I would not run an ad for something that I myself would not approve of!

Do you have something that you think fits my readership and criteria? Then let me know — I would probably love to run one of your ads!

My rates are as follows:

$20 for a 125x125px ad on a month-to-month basis, paid in full at the beginning of each month. You can cancel for the next month anytime up to and including the last day of the ending month. But there are no partial refunds — if you buy a block of months in advance, that is what you get.

Other bloggers and Esty sellers who want to buy a block of months get a discount: $45 for three months or $75 for six months. So if you buy six months’ ad space, you are only paying $12.50 a month! I repeat, this special is for bloggers and Esty sellers only.

I do keep a record of clicks and will report them to you on a monthly basis.

You can buy an ad right now by clicking on the “Advertise with Sparkle” graphic on the ad block. You will not be charged until I approve your ad.

If you are a blogger or Etsy seller, or if you have any questions, please use the contact form below or contact webmastercat at sparklecat.com.

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