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Kitties, do your humans know The Rules? Make sure they do with my 2013 Cat Rules Wall Calendar!

Cat not included!

Kitties! Do your humans know The Rules? Make sure they do with this 2013 Cat Rules Wall Calendar. Each month, there is a new rule to remind your human who is in charge in your house! Each rule is laid out and illustrated in a way that cannot be ignored. Here are a couple of examples:

Cat rule #561: The cuter you are when you’re sleeping, the more trouble you are allowed to cause when you’re awake.

Cat Rule #882: Empty chairs always belong to the cat, and if the cat refuses to relinquish said chair, any human that desires to sit must find a chair of his or her own.

Don’t let your human be a rule breaker! Get your 2013 Cat Rules Wall Calendar now! Just $22, plus shipping!

2013 Cat Rules Wall Calendar Cover

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