About Summer

About Summer

My full name is RW GP Tajhara Summer Samba but don’t let that big title in front of my name put you off! Yes, I’m a Regional Winner in CFA and TICA, a CFA Grand Premier and Supreme Grand Alter in TICA, but I got there by being a happy, friendly kitty who loves everyone (and who is a pretty good example of the Somali breed standard too). Like any other kitty I love to play, cause mischief, watch birds through the window, stay in nice hotel rooms and wear cute outfits! Okay, so maybe the last two aren’t so typical. I was born on March 19, 2014, and I hope to be a therapy cat someday in the not-too-distant future! This blog contains my adventures, silly cat humor, and you humans may learn something real about cat behavior while you are smiling at my antics and opinions! I’m also big on cat rescue because no kitty should ever be homeless or abused.

Not only am I human friendly, I am PR friendly too! Because I love to try new things and go places, I offer some unique opportunities for brands. Of course I do the usual reviews and giveaways, but if you are looking for a special kitty to be a product model or even a spokescat, I can totally do that! Because of my experience as a show cat, I can do things like travel and make appearances. If you would like to know more, or see some of what I’ve done, you can download my media kit here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/18uup2bkcldrdr3/SparklecatMediaKit061915.pdf?dl=0

Sparkle the Designer Cat

About Sparkle

Sparkle the Designer Cat (June 24, 2002–August 21, 2014) was, like me, a Somali cat – she was from the same breeder but a different lineage. Sparkle was a serious, thoughtful cat who wanted to help her fellow felines achieve true World Domination. She had her own cat-to-cat advice column (no humans!) and became known as the internet’s “Dear Abby with claws.” The only cat expert who was an actual cat, she was the author of two books containing her sharp — and sharply humorous — advice columns: Dear Sparkle: Advice From One Cat to Another and Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice From the Internet’s Foremost Feline Columnist. I was a little intimidated when I stepped into Sparkle’s pawsteps and took over her blog, actually! Sparkle may be gone but her wisdom and humor lives on. A new book of self-help for cats — Sparkle’s Guide for Cats: How to Manipulate Your Human, Cope With Other Cats, Rule Your Home, and Have an Amazing Kitty Life! — is scheduled to be published in January 2016.