Sunday Catinee: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Here is a mishmash of videos, partly cool, partly cringe-worthy! Let’s start with the good: I am one of the contenders for AmazeCats’ Next Top Cat! I am in the video below… um, and so is Binga. Eeek! I hope she is not in the running too.

If you can’t see the above video, click here to see it on YouTube!

Next up is a cool video compilation of cats enjoying themselves with rolls of toilet paper! The only problem is, some human has created a fun-killing invention that threatens to put a halt to our games! If you are watching this with your human, you may want to stop the video before it gets to that part.

If you can’t see the above video, click here to see it on YouTube!

Now for the truly ugly! A week ago, my human turned on the computer cam and made me dance! Even worse, she put it up on Facebook, where it got well over 3,000 views! My campaign to get a new cat tree has since dwarfed this, but she also uploaded the clip to YouTube.

If you can’t see the above video, click here to see it on YouTube!

You may wonder why I am sharing this embarrassing video with you. Duh — I want your suggestions on what I should do to get back at my human for this gross humiliation! All ideas will get serious consideration.

* * *
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  1. says

    I used to have to hide the toilet paper from Carmine because he’d drag it all over the pace!

    We think you should hide your human’s remote? Maybe wake hers up especially early? We will keep thinking of ideas for you!

  2. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    Oh, why do the hoomans have to mess with our fun?!? Then yours made you dance!?! Ugh! Have a great Sunday!

  3. says

    The toilet paper video was hysterical. We used to do that when we were kittens and now the TP is hidden away.
    Now, as to that video of you, we think a good whapping in the middle of the night is certainly warrented. We would have tossed our cookies after all that shaking going on. Hope you get some rest Sparkle.

  4. says

    Since I’m the toilet paper destroyer in this house, I loved seeing those kitties kill all that toilet paper. But the mom better not get any ideas about covering mine!!


  5. says

    We were so excited to see you in that first video, Sparkle! As for the second video … why do humans persist in ruining kitties’ fun times?

    The dancing thing … our humans do that to us, too. OMC, you don’t think they’d actually post that to the innernets, do you?

  6. BrucesMom says

    Sparkle, did your humom get a really good look at your facial expressions?javascript:grin(‘:evil:’) That is usually enough to send our humom running for cover. But that is OK. javascript:grin(‘:mrgreen:’) That is when we attack the toilet paper and the magazines/newspapers. javascript:grin(‘:twisted:’)

  7. BrucesMom says

    Oh, oh that didn’t turn out right. It’s all your fault, Eddie.

    Jasmine, Joey, Rosie and I guess Eddie, too.

  8. sue brandes says

    I had a cat that liked toliet paper but; she didn’t break the rool. She could unroll the whole roll and drag it all throw the house. And she loved paper towels. Gessh I miss that kitty. Sparkle you did not look so happy doing your dance. LOL.

  9. says

    I think all you have to do is keep that look on your face whenever the human is near. After awhile, she may start to shake, or cry, or just feel really sorry because in her mind, you do have a plan to get back at her – a very serious plan. It’s the unknown that drives them nuts.

  10. Baby Tali says

    I’m guessing that is NOT the happy dance you are doing Sparkle!! I think you should bite her big toe while she is sleeping..Yeah..that should teach her Aunt Susie is the toilet paper destroyer in our house..Our Mommy worries about her cause she eats some then hacks it up and Mommy is afraid of Susie chocking..She is going to order the Toilet Paper Cover..Aunt Susie is not going to like this!! :roll:

  11. says

    We are ashamed to admit it, but our human laughed all the way through your dancing video. We will focus our energy on punishing her for that. We kitties think you displayed exceptional grace and rhythm.

    Ambrose, Clarence, Teddi, Baskin, and Abner

  12. says

    Oh, Sparkle! You are NOT amused, are you? If looks could kill . . . You and Julie have the look down pat! One kitty who came before was a TP shredder and our mom still hangs the TP “backwards”.

    We get ads from searches all the time – at Freekibblekat, The Animal Rescue Site, and other places, even our email. Our mom thinks they attach cookies & then the products show up all over. One day she’ll delete the cookies & see if her theory is true.

  13. says

    Methinks you have a contender for serious super cat in the guys that jumps up the (rather nice and undamaged) cat tower………

    If I can ver get Mum to stop giggling herself silly at the video of Queen Rapper Sparkle…….

  14. FuzzMother says

    If looks could kill, your human would be dead. In order to get even as well as get a new cat tree, we suggest shredding every piece of human furniture in the house and hacking up hairballs on everything else. Knocking photographs off shelves, toe and nose bites in the middle of the night, howling at 3:00 A.M.–things like that should make her think twice before making you dance again.

    Purrs and Nose Taps from Serafina and Arya

  15. says

    COOL that you are one of the contenders for AmazeCats’ Next Top Cat!
    The video with papershreding cat´s was furry funny to watch , I better not watch and learn say´s my mom-person :mrgreen:
    I was SOOOO glad that my mom doesn´t have any webcam when I watched your dancing video :)
    I do hope you shread all the toiletpaperrolls that you have in your house *mol*

  16. says

    Hahaha! I LOVE your face while you are dancing, Sparkle! Looks like you LOVE dancing!! hahaha!! 😛

    I like the toilet paper protector–I need one of those. Every so often, Hobbes eats up our toilet paper and it drives me NUTS! It’s getting too expensive for the cat to EAT it!

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