Sunday Catinee: Mean Turtle!

Some cats are innocently trying to eat their dinner, and here comes this angry turtle giving them a hard time! What a bully!

If you can’t see the above video, click here to watch it on YouTube!

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  1. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    He’s so mean & nasty that getting all their food doesn’t stop him from his chase! Have a great Sunday!

  2. says

    That has to be a ninja turtle, and can he move fast! Poor kitties should gang up on him and give him a good whap. How do we put the smileys in a comment? Yesterday we tried but it came out as html code.

  3. Nancy Black says

    Wow..Mr. Turtle has a big 😯 What a bully …Too bad the kitties didn’t organize a swatting party..I couldn’t believe how fast he could move. I think he got up on the wrong side of his shell..heh heh.

  4. Baby Tali says

    I would get my Grandma Pudgy Cat to smack him hard..She is one tough kitteh..He would run away from her even faster than that!!!

  5. FuzzMother says

    If any turtle was that mean to us our Mommy would turn him into soup! Waste not, want not! But that’s if she could catch him–she moves about as fast as a slug…

  6. Carol says

    Talk about turtletude! Of course, the kitties might have played turtle hockey with him/her before and this was just a bit of revenge.

  7. says

    First, Katie don’t get a turtle! Second, too bad the kitty didn’t know about nudging him enough so he turns upside down. (I know that’s just downright mean, but someone in that house must be in charge.)

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