Sunday Catinee: Bad Cats on Nip

Some cats just can’t handle their nip. It brings out their bad temper and trouble ensues. In the short clip below, you can see how just one bad cat can ruin a nip party for everykitty. I’m glad they repeated it in slo-mo, because I missed the instigator the first time around:

If you can’t see the above video, click here to watch it on YouTube!

Next up is a pair of orange cats who come to blows over a nip plant that is clearly big enough for both of them:

If you can’t see the above video, click here to watch it on YouTube!

So remember — enjoy your nip, but do it responsibly!

* * *
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  1. says

    Yes of course nothing like that would ever happen here with 12 of us all after the nip. Never. Not in a million years would any one of us spook all the others or fight over the best leaves.

  2. says

    MOL! I am so glad that Eric isn’t into nip and I get it all to myself. – Flynn
    We wonder what it was that Ginger on the left suddenly spotted at the end of the second video.

  3. says

    Nip does sometimes bring out the nasty in some of them. That has happened around here. One cat goes beserk and they all leave. Those two orange kitties are too funny. Take care.

  4. says

    I think there is something seriously wrong with my kitties – they don’t care about nip – I bought a plant of it and they sniffed and walked away. They aren’t interested in treats of any kind – spent a fortune buying every kind there is – sniffed and walked away. Cat toys of a large variety – meh. BB likes crumpled paper and Frankie had a mouse once she was fond of – now I can’t find that particular mouse any where and substitutes are largely ignored…Oh well…

  5. says

    what was is the Temperance League used to say – “Lips that touch Nips Shall Nevah Bite Mine.” or sumthing like that. So true. cuz after a mouthful of nips, most kittehs know to stay a safe distance from me. prolly those dilated crazy eyeballs of mine.

  6. Baby Tali says

    We have 6 kitties here and we don’t fight over it but some of us might get a little upset if somekitty is bumping into us while rolling around on the floor..My Human Bean says she bets that Nip plant didn’t last long before those kitties ripped all the leaves of and killed it..She has tried a lot of times to plant it outside and my Grandma Pudgy and Uncle Rascal..who are the only two that get to go it apart, eat the leaves, roll all over it and totally destroy it so she has to keep buying it at the store..

  7. says

    Dear Sparkle,
    Me just has the most pawsome experience! Mommy talked to Cooney’s Mom through email and found out which pet store was selling BC Buddy Herbal Blendz Mix (Catnip, Valarian, Honeysuckle and Catmint).
    Kozmo and me has been purrticularly mellow today!

  8. says

    Great videos Sparkle! Our Inka used to LOVE catnip and get very territorial over it. My Human has a video of her giving me a swat when I tried to get her to share the nip.

  9. says

    That 2nd smackdown in the 2nd video was the best cos I thought they were going to relax and share it. HAH! Since I knew what was going to happen in the 1st video, I caught it instantly.

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