Sunday Catinee: Catmas Trees

Summer's Sunday Catinee

Are Christmas trees the ultimate cat toys? Or can the ultimate cat toy be a Christmas tree? Watch these two fun videos and you decide!

Sunday Catinee: Kitten Cuteness

Summer's Sunday Catinee

In a few days, I must say good-bye to kittenhood (at least at cat shows), so I’m enjoying the last of my kitten days with these cute videos.

Sunday Catinee: Kitty Chemistry

Summer's Sunday Catinee

When a cat is determined to claim his spot on top of the fridge, does he make a flying leap? Or does he concoct a secret potion to get him there? This Super Epic Cat opts for the latter.

Sunday Catinee: Slick Kitty Satire

Summer's Sunday Catinee

Here’s another first for me — my first Sunday Catinee! I featured the latest video from the Catastrophes humans. I hope you like it as much as I did!

Sunday Catinee: Stand Tall, Plus The Friskies Voting

Sparkle's Sunday Catinee

Ruusu the cat has a very strange habit! Plus it’s time to vote in The Friskies – and help give food to rescue cats!

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