My Long Weekend

A blogging kitty never sleeps. Well, okay, we do! Lots

I had so much to do this weekend, and I had a very exciting cat show!


I am grateful for this comforter... not so grateful that SOMEkitty threw up on it and it's at the cleaners now

Here is what Binga, Boodie and I are thankful for this holiday season!

Who’s the Turkey Here?


My human got the absolutely brilliant idea of doing a Thanksgiving photo shoot with me. Well, you can imagine how that turned out.

Diary – November 2006

An exciting month — we get a new electronic litterbox, and even better, Thanksgiving dinner in our new home!

Diary – November 2005

It may be Thanksgiving for the humans, but when we’re forced to pose for a holiday photo session, we cats have nothing to be thankful for.

Advice—December 2003

Every year my humans cook a big turkey and they never share it with me—how do I get a piece of the action?

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