Fluffy Friday

It amazes even me!

Yes, this blog post is pure fluff, but I can’t help it — look at my tail!

About My Dad

An old photo of my dad

I’m devoting today to my dad, GC Tajhara Miles Davis, who was a very special cat in so many ways.

The Perfect Little Thing


My human went to the San Diego Cat Show this weekend, where she visited with a perfect little Somali kitten! No, she did not bring her home.

Rescue Across Borders


Don’t ever think we breed cats have it easy if we wind up in a kill shelter. Here is a Somali cat in Canada who almost died, but some cat bloggers reached across borders and refused to let that happen.

Somali Sunday: More Models


Somali cats aren’t the most well-known breed, but we probably have more feline models per capita than just about any other breed.

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