Photo Hunt: Door


This week’s Photo Hunt theme is door… and I’ve got some doors for ya!

Photo Hunt: Creativity

This is HUMAN, not kitty business!

Contracts may not seem creative, but what they are about is! And I also have a fun, creative guessing game for you!

Photo Hunt: Sale

I can't use packing peanuts - she would probably eat them

Do you think I can put Binga up for sale? Even if I can’t, I AM having a great sale on some other things!

Photo Hunt: Musical

How inconvenient that it shuts like this!

Look at the annoying thing that is taking up space inside our cat bed! Yes, it is something musical.

Photo Hunt: Stir

Doing one of my supermodel poses

What’s Stirring for this week’s Photo Hunt? Oh, the usual annoyance…

Photo Hunt: Plant

This is MY nip! No, it's MY nip!

Of course I am going to feature catnip plant for this week’s Photo Hunt! Did we kitties get high? Of course!

Photo Hunt: Spark

What was she thinking?

My human thought she would play a visual joke for this week’s Photo Hunt. I think she is being dumb.

Photo Hunt: Rousing

This was late at night, hence the less-than-stellar quality

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is Rousing, although if you ask me, it should be Rude.

Photo Hunt: Fave

Sealed bags are NOT my fave thing!

For this week’s Photo Hunt, I get to show off — and eat  my Fave treats! Check out what I will do for them!

Photo Hunt: Model

This is one of my casual poses

This week’s Photo Hunt is Model… in other words, this week’s Photo Hunt is about me!

Photo Hunt: Blue

I was feeling cute today!

Blue is a rarity around here, but I do have some for this week’s Photo Hunt!

Photo Hunt: Guess

They all look tasty to me!

For this week’s Photo Hunt, you get to Guess which treats I am going to have! And you may have to keep guessing.

Photo Hunt: Planter

My human barely lets me get my nose out

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is Planter, and you will want to see what I have growing in mine!

Photo Hunt: Go

Someone thinks the server is a little on the slow side

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is Go… can you figure out where we are going?

Photo Hunt: Glass

I hate being left out of the fun!

For this week’s Photo Hunt, I feature the beveled glass doors to the should-be-catio. But what was really fun was what was going on in the should-be-catio!

Photo Hunt: Zoom!

I bet I can catch it just by LOOKING!

I have something so Zoom-y for this week’s Photo Hunt post that you can barely see it!

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