Month-End Outtakes

You're not supposed to do both!

I just noticed that I had a bunch of leftover outtakes from September, so I thought you would enjoy them!

Tongue Lashing

The things my human does!

When my human tried to get a photo of me licking my lips the other day… loads of outtakes ensued!

Leftover Outtakes

Stupid birds!

Here are some never-before seen photos… maybe most of them should have stayed unseen!

Behind the Scenes

This was for the cover shoot for my 2016 calendar — as you can see, a lot went on behind the scenes.

Easter in August

To bun or not to bun...

Here are some crazy outtakes from one of my photo shoots from next year’s calendar!

Friday Frolic

Do I look like I'm full of mischief here? Cause that's what my human says

These are from the photo shoot that resulted in yesterday’s picture. They’re pretty much outtakes — but they sure were fun!

Open Wide!

I'm surprised I don't become unhinged!

Why does my human keep taking these photos of me when my mouth is open?

Outtakes and Good Takes

Great timing!

It’s been a while since I posted some random outtakes, so here they are — plus some good takes too!

What You Missed

Unfortunately, I don't have Binga to blame for this

These January photos never made it into a blog post… but I didn’t want them to go to waste!

Outtakes and Extras

My come-hither look

Here are some cool photos and fun outtakes of me — a few never before seen!

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