Sunday Catinee: Human Training

Kitties, you will want your humans to watch these videos from Jackson Galaxy, star of My Cat From Hell! They are bound to learn something.

Happy Cat, Happy You


Here is a cool little book that is packed full of tidbits that will make your life more pleasant — and are easy for your human to learn!

You CAN Train Your Cat


Although he has the title wrong, circus ringmaster and cat “trainer” extraordinaire Gregory Popovich has a lot of things right in this book.

Sunday at the Circus

Let’s go to the circus today — the CAT circus, where cats show that performing can be fun.

Cats! Train Your Owner! 50 Feline Training Flash Cards


Hey kitties — do you have new humans who are clueless about what you require from them? Then you should make sure they pick up these handy flash cards.

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