The Caturday Report: Novelty News Edition

I hope it doesn't look like I am using a teleprompter

How much does Grumpy Cat make? Can stem cells help CRF? How can you make sure your cat toy is safe for your kitty? Find answers for these, and other questions in today’s Caturday Report!

Learning to Grump

Always learn from the experts!

I won this copy of the new Grumpy Cat book from Cat Wisdom 101! Did I learn how to be grumpy? Find out!

Sunday Catinee: Triple Feature

Sparkle's Sunday Catinee

I have a triple-feature for you today — an all-feline-star music video to benefit shelter cats, a funny Simon’s Cat video and a fun, scary movie from the CATastrophes crew!



I am learning how to do impressions! Guess who my first one is!

Sunday Catinee: Grumpy Cat, EXPOSED!

So you thought you knew Grumpy Cat? This video may shock you!

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