No Kitty Is an Island

I don't have a soapbox... but this scratch lounger will do

I have a lesson for you today! All about how kitties need companionship from humans! I included photos to keep you interested.

A Mug of Merit

It smells faintly of chicken, I swear!

Inside this box is proof of my professional standing, as both a cat and a writer! Let’s see what it is!

Cats and Toilet Paper Don’t Mix

These kitties all think that toilet paper is evil and must be killed. You humans reading this will probably be glad these cats don’t live with you!

Cats and H1N1


What are we kitties going to do if our humans come down with H1N1? Will we catch it too?

Human Manipulation Tips

Manipulating humans comes pretty easily to all cats. Still, we all could use a good tip from a fellow cat, so I asked my followers on Twitter if they had any suggestions.

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