Secret Treats

I'm about ready to open up the package myself

It’s about time my human pulled these treats out of the leftover BlogPaws swag! Yum!

I’m Not Sorry

There is NOTHING wrong with this picture! Nothing!

If a cat knows where the treat bag is hidden, there’s no reason she can’t steal it.

Photo Hunt: Fave

Sealed bags are NOT my fave thing!

For this week’s Photo Hunt, I get to show off — and eat  my Fave treats! Check out what I will do for them!

Photo Hunt: Guess

They all look tasty to me!

For this week’s Photo Hunt, you get to Guess which treats I am going to have! And you may have to keep guessing.

Goodies Galore!


Just wait ’til you see all the amazing cat stuff my human brought home from the Cat Writers Association conference!

What I Got From BlogPaws


Check out all the cool stuff my human brought home from BlogPaws! But there was something even cooler to be had!

Diary – November 2008

My human goes to the Cat Writers Association Conference and brings me home a bunch of stuff (which I earned).

Diary – September 2008

When my human leaves town, she returns with gifts for us. Questionable whether they are real cat toys.

Diary – November 2007

The humans go to something called a “Lint Roller Party” and return with all sorts of cool stuff for us cats. Oh, and the dog too.

Diary – February 2005

My human wanders all over town instead of playing with me, and then she expects to make up for it with Valentine’s Day gifts.

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