Birbug Madness

My human actually put me in here.

Just wait til you see how much fun I had with the Birbug and Telescoping Rod!

Friday Frolic

Do I look like I'm full of mischief here? Cause that's what my human says

These are from the photo shoot that resulted in yesterday’s picture. They’re pretty much outtakes — but they sure were fun!

Toy Trouble

I had already killed it 43,238 times that day!

A kitty is always learning new things about herself — this is what I learned about how I feel about toys and bodies of water.

My Long Weekend

A blogging kitty never sleeps. Well, okay, we do! Lots

I had so much to do this weekend, and I had a very exciting cat show!

No Kitty Is an Island

I don't have a soapbox... but this scratch lounger will do

I have a lesson for you today! All about how kitties need companionship from humans! I included photos to keep you interested.

Tunnel Tale

It took a while before I would even pose with it!

Even though Sparkle really liked this tunnel, I was not sure about it at first!

Fun on Tuesday!

I was actually not disappointed it was not treats!

No, it wasn’t treats in the package, but something even cooler!

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