Smells Like Purrvana

This happened literally 5 seconds after my human set it down

What are Binga and I arguing over now? Could it have something to do with our favorite band?

Kickin’ Good Fun!

This package is as long as I am!

I got a cool package today — and I am giving part of it to one of my lucky readers! Find out what’s inside!

Boodie Tuesday

Boodie says Life Is A Toy

I thought Boodie was too big to fit into our new Twinkle Chute toy. Or is she?

Photo Hunt: Zoom!

I bet I can catch it just by LOOKING!

I have something so Zoom-y for this week’s Photo Hunt post that you can barely see it!

Tipsy Christmas


Funny how one little mistake can turn Christmas morning right on its head!

Toys on Thursday


Our Magic Fishie arrived, all the way from Pikku Punapippuri in Finland! Let’s check it out!

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