Tunnel Tale

It took a while before I would even pose with it!

Even though Sparkle really liked this tunnel, I was not sure about it at first!

Smells Like Purrvana

This happened literally 5 seconds after my human set it down

What are Binga and I arguing over now? Could it have something to do with our favorite band?

Kickin’ Good Fun!

This package is as long as I am!

I got a cool package today — and I am giving part of it to one of my lucky readers! Find out what’s inside!

Boodie Tuesday

Boodie says Life Is A Toy

I thought Boodie was too big to fit into our new Twinkle Chute toy. Or is she?

Photo Hunt: Zoom!

I bet I can catch it just by LOOKING!

I have something so Zoom-y for this week’s Photo Hunt post that you can barely see it!

New Nekoflies Critter Review and Giveaway!


Just wait ’til you see what’s in the box — and you can have one too!

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