Learning to Grump

Always learn from the experts!

I won this copy of the new Grumpy Cat book from Cat Wisdom 101! Did I learn how to be grumpy? Find out!

Outsmarting Cats

Outsmarting Cats by Wendy Christensen

Don’t worry — the title is mainly so that humans will buy it. It is really a book on outsmarting humans!

Love Saves the Day


Gwen Cooper’s new novel is far deeper and more satisfying than a mere “cute cat book.” Find out how in my review!

Minette’s Feast


What do you think Julia Child’s cat thought of her cooking? This charming children’s book tells all!

Kitty Cornered


This humorous book tells the story of how six cats have totally wrapped one author around their dewclaws. If only every human was so easy!

Bingo Explores the Farm


Bingo is an awesome boy kitty who lives on a farm — and who is the star of two books! Here is my review of the second.

Cat Daddy


Find out what I think of My Cat From Hell star Jackson Galaxy’s new book — and why you should pre-order it now!

I Am Maru


If you love Maru, will you like his book? Find out!

Black of Night


If you want the perfect Halloween read — and you love cats (which I imagine you do since you are here) — this book is for you!

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