Photo Hunt: Fuzzy


When you’re a cat, fuzzy is more than just a Photo Hunt theme — it’s a way of life!

Advice—October 2006

My cruel humans refuse to bend to my every whim – should I complain to the ASPCA?

Advice—July 2006

My humans brought home this weird little hairless creature that can’t do a thing for itself. Will it steal my food?

Advice—June 2006

A tom cat invaded our backyard and now my roommate hates MY guts! What happened and what do I do about it?

Advice—March 2006

A human family recently adopted me, but they’re forcing me to wear a collar! How can I stop this torture?

Advice—February 2006

Sometimes I get injured when I’m out protecting my territory – how do I keep these battle scars from marring my beauty?

Advice—December 2005

I think I found a new home but one human isn’t sure about it. How do I convince him I’m a “stay” cat, not a “stray” cat?

Advice—July 2005

I keep pulling my hair out and it upsets my human—should I be concerned about this habit?

Advice—May 2004

I hate it when my human brushes me. It’s really annoying—how do I make her stop?

Diary—March 2003

According to my human’s arbitrary calculations, I’ve been a bad cat. Then she bores me by working on her tax returns.

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