On the Road

Yes, it is my favorite color, pink!

I am getting ready for my trip to Las Vegas! But first I have some quality control to do.

A Special Day!

This was taken at The Urban Pet in South Pasadena

Because it is my special day, I want to share some special things with you!

Thank You, Part 2

I am in awe of the legacy Sparkle left

Sparkle’s friends and fans said good-bye to her in a big way! Today’s post is all about the wonderful gestures from you.

No Fun Vet Day

At least there aren't any humans looking up my rear end!

Binga and Boodie had to visit the vet clinic for minor ailments, and I got stuck going with them.

No Hugging!

I'm being HUman handled!

Whoever invented Hug Your Cat Day just wanted to torture us kitties! Bleagh.

Pillow Talk

C'mon - really?

Look what my human brought home from Target. Why does she do this?