No Hugging!

I'm being HUman handled!

Whoever invented Hug Your Cat Day just wanted to torture us kitties! Bleagh.

Pillow Talk

C'mon - really?

Look what my human brought home from Target. Why does she do this?

MeowBox Mania – and Giveaway!

No, she is NOT my wingcat

The MeowBox humans sent me one of their boxes to check out. Of course, I couldn’t do it alone (even if I wanted to). AND I get to give one away!

Whole Paws Cat Food from #WholeFoodsPets: the Taste Test

Binga had to be locked away or she would have wreaked havoc on this set up

We finally got to try out the Whole Pets cat food from Whole Foods Market! Maybe Binga can calm down now.

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