Tunnel Tale

It took a while before I would even pose with it!

Even though Sparkle really liked this tunnel, I was not sure about it at first!

Little Devil(s)

I think I look devil-may-care

When my human gets an email about the Martha Stewart Fall and Halloween collection, do you think I get a new cat bed? Nooooo….


I earned those treats fair and square!

Even photogenic kittens like me have their off moments, as you will see!

Almost Show Time!

Yes, this was the package Binga was trying to take over in her blog post

I’m getting ready for a cat show tomorrow — and look what I got for it!

A Special Day!

This was taken at The Urban Pet in South Pasadena

Because it is my special day, I want to share some special things with you!

Learning About 9-11

She says I can't get any closer to her unless she gives the okay

I was born many, many cat years after September 11, 2001. But somekitty I know was around… and she told me all about it.

Thank You, Part 2

I am in awe of the legacy Sparkle left

Sparkle’s friends and fans said good-bye to her in a big way! Today’s post is all about the wonderful gestures from you.

No Fun Vet Day

At least there aren't any humans looking up my rear end!

Binga and Boodie had to visit the vet clinic for minor ailments, and I got stuck going with them.

July Outtakes

My human... ruining naps for Binga since 2000!

It’s time again for another round of outtakes! Prepare to be amazed by the badness.

Commenthon for My Human’s Birthday!

My human only does what she wants MOST days!

You kitties voted and I have the results! Your comments today will help raise funds for a really awesome rescue!

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