My New Scratcher

Actually MUCH better than the one at the store

I got a new scratcher! No, not the one I saw at the store.

Treat Like a Wildcat

This may be one of the highlights of my month!

Me and Binga and Boodie got to try raw chicken hearts for the first time ever! You may be surprised at what some of us thought.

Where’s Binga?

This is why Binga usually has to be shut away in a different part of the house during my staged photo shoots.

I’m Not Sorry

There is NOTHING wrong with this picture! Nothing!

If a cat knows where the treat bag is hidden, there’s no reason she can’t steal it.

Catnip Connoisseur

I do have a discerning palate

When it comes to intoxicating kitty herbs, is your palate as discerning as mine? Then you may be pleased with this nip and valerian boxed set I recently received!

What Kind of Kitty Are You?


I have a fun poll for you today! I want to know your preferences — do you like other cats best, or humans, or nobody or everybody?


I can feel her eyes staring at me

A kitty can’t mind her own business around here without a human taking notice…

Box Day #TBT

I REALLY liked what was IN this box!

I’ve got another post scheduled for tomorrow, so I’m looking at some past International Box Day posts featuring Sparkle today!

Open Wide!

I'm surprised I don't become unhinged!

Why does my human keep taking these photos of me when my mouth is open?