Box Day #TBT

I REALLY liked what was IN this box!

I’ve got another post scheduled for tomorrow, so I’m looking at some past International Box Day posts featuring Sparkle today!

Open Wide!

I'm surprised I don't become unhinged!

Why does my human keep taking these photos of me when my mouth is open?

Boxing Practice

Unbox me, please

I’m supposed to be practicing for next month’s International Box Day… but I’m not so sure I like boxes!

Outtakes and Good Takes

Great timing!

It’s been a while since I posted some random outtakes, so here they are — plus some good takes too!

Tortie in the Way Tuesday

Can you tell I'm trying not to look annoyed... and failing?

My human needed some photos of me, Binga and Boodie for… well, you can imagine how that turned out!

Out of Sight, Out of Scent

So there!

I don’t normally do cat litter reviews, but I do want to tell you about Almost Invisible Cat Litter!

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