Happy Kitty Holiday Gifts

These come with my Paw of Approval!

Kitties, you are going to want to show your humans this post because it is full of fun gifts for you! And even better, they are all made by friends of mine. I invite you to visit their shops and start making a wish list!

Source: etsy.com via Bax Cat on Pinterest

Wouldn’t you love to wake up on Christmas morning with this festive toy to kick around? It’s from Bax Cat, whose Etsy store, Bax Cat and Co is loaded with fun nip toys (all made with certified organic catnip), cozy cat mats and even bandanas!

This toy is called a Jellyfish, and aren’t you dying to attack all those tentacles? This toy comes from Feline O’ Mine and the human who runs it is also the assistant to my pals William, Russell, Caroline and Pee Queen! They have toys, cat quilts and even some items for your human. Their premium nip is grown in Canada!

Source: etsy.com via Sparkle on Pinterest

Your stocking will be stuffed to overflowing with this Holiday Cat Toy Gift Set from Moderncat Studios! I own several Moderncat toys and they are fun! Whether you want to give a toy a good kick or chase it around the house — or if you want a plush bed for post-play relaxation — Moderncat has it. And you get good feelings from these items that aren’t completely nip related — 5% of the total sales from this Etsy shop is donated to a different cat-related charity each month!

Source: nipandbones.com via Baby on Pinterest

Here’s something different to chase! These fun little speedsters will zip along any flat surface… until you pounce on them! If they hit a wall, they will just change direction and go on running! These awesome toys are from Baby Patches’ store, Nip and Bones! Since it is a full-service online shop, you will find all sorts of toys, treats, bed, scratchers, furniture and more! Your human can do some major holiday shopping for you here!

Not only are these awesome shops run by friends, they are all small businesses, so please support them!

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  1. says

    Oh, thank you for that wonderful highlight, Sparkle! We are still hoping that our store’s host will get their act together soon and cats will be able to order–our mom is having a complete bird and I’d say that host is toast. Ha ha ha! I made a rhyme!

  2. says

    I just bought the kids a new dead mouse and filled it with lovely fresh catnip and I even bought them a potted plant of fresh catnip – and they could not care less. I sometimes wonder if my cats know they are cats…

  3. says

    My cats are too posh to play with these things ! they love real mousies, paper balls, old carton boxes, shoe laces, buttons, armchairs as scratching posts etc etc ..) !

  4. says

    We are going to sneak Mom’s plastic card!

    Sparkle, you were supposed to also be nominated by us for the Blog of the Year award. We have added you now.

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