Hungover Binga… Now as a Poster, T-Shirt and Greeting Card!

Everyone seemed to enjoy seeing Binga nipped out so much in my New Year’s Day post that I had my human make a poster out of it:

Hungover Cat is Hungover 16x20 poster
Hungover Tortoiseshell Cat Poster, 20″x16″

It is also a T-shirt:

Hungover Cat T-shirt
Hungover Cat T-shirt

And a greeting card!

Hungover Tortoiseshell Cat Greeting Card
Hungover Tortoiseshell Cat Greeting Card

Honestly? I am kind of relieved I did not let my human put that lampshade on me!

* * *
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  1. says

    Oh Sparkle, darling, I totally agree! That is SOOOOOO undignified! I think your Human shoulda put that lampshade on HERSELF. Poor Binga should sue. I’m sure there’s a cattorney that would help her out.

  2. says

    That just is awesome! I thought Binga might be in for a bit of a rough one after she spent the night at my niptini bar…(but don’t worry, nothing that a little “hair of the dog” can’t fix!)!

  3. says

    ROFL! Oh Sparkle this ticked my human when she needed tickling this morning! Poor Binga! Just goes to show you it’s not a good idea to get blissed out when there are cell phones & digital cameras around! MOL!



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