Two-Fisted Tidy Cats Giveaway

I must say, her photo bombs are getting creative

The other day, we got a strange and rather heavy box in the mail. SOMEkitty tried to claim it as hers.

At least he is a big cat lover

It was from an odd character named Hans Hansenberg who has some very odd ideas about how to name cats.

Let me check this out... I am not sure I trust this Hansenberg guy

It turns out he is part of the Tidy Cats team and they have given me some of their premium clumping, multi-cat litter… featuring a new jug with two handles! The Hansenberg guy explains why in this quickie promo:

If you can’t see the above video, click here to see it on YouTube!

It actually makes a lot of sense. This jug is a lot easier for humans to handle. Mine was moving it around like it was half its 14-lb. weight.

Let's talk about the genius of me..

I am not so sure about this Hansenberg guy, though… especially after my human went to great lengths to make me pose with this arrow pointing at me. If you cannot read it, it says, “The genius of Hans, unveiled!” For some dumb reason, she thought this was funny.

Fact - this thing weighs nearly three times what I do!

But that’s not important — what is, is that the Tidy Cats humans are letting me give away a new, two-handled jug of this premium cat litter to two lucky blog readers! Who doesn’t need a jug of litter? And I bet lots of you already use Tidy Cats, so here is your chance to get a jug for free! Just enter, using the Rafflecopter widget below. Because of the weight of the litter, only U.S. residents can receive this prize. (To my international readers — don’t worry, I will keep you in mind for future giveaways.)

The giveaway closes at midnight on Sunday, March 10, and I will announce the two winners on Monday! Good luck!

Note: I was given the jug of cat litter and all promotional materials by Tidy Cats and Purina, but was not compensated in any other way for this post. Oh, and I think that Hansenberg guy is not real and only pretending to be a genius.

* * *
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  1. J9Felines says

    We use that Tidy Cat stuff, too, Sparkle! It is the only litter that our human found that we all like to dig in. Our human buys it in big 40lb boxes and has to break it down so it is easier to manage. These newly designed jugs are fab!! Maybe we should give this Hansenberg guy a chance???

  2. Raine says

    Great giveaway- with 5 cats I use a lot of litter and carrying it up stairs and then maneuvering it into the boxes gets to be quite a chore-especially with back problems. Love the design.

  3. Bess says

    2 handles? Definitely a good idea! Almost broke my wrist trying to grab those heavy bags down from the shelf and into my shopping cart.

  4. Judith Taylor says

    😀 What a totally pawsome give away Sparkle! thanks. I have cats and I think they spend as much time in the litter box as they do in the bed. 😆

  5. Hollie says

    :mrgreen: How exciting! Ferguson & Andre would love to win this jug of Tidy Cat litter! Their human just saw this new cool design the other day at the grocery store and brought it home. We <3 Tidy Cat!

  6. Anne S says

    Sparklecat, you so make my day 😀 The litter will make my kitty’s day, but that’s another story ::grin::

  7. Wilda Armentrout says

    I always use Tidy Cat for my cat’s litter box. It makes taking care of my cats easier. My cat loves to receive mail and it would make her day to get this.

  8. Sherry Hildebrand says

    This is a great idea, we have 5 cats and buy LOTS of Tidy Cat. BTW, Tidy Cat is the only cat liter our cats will use, seriously! I tried buying other stuff and they just kick it out of the litter box to show their disapproval, lol

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