Urgent: The Royals Need a Home!

All of us were shocked and saddened when we heard the news that Rose — the QM Rose of Rose and the Royals — passed away earlier this month. Rose and her kitties were blogging for many, many years. You can see their blog dates back to 2006. Back then, Emily was just two years old. Brutus and Marigold were just kittens, who arrived at Rose’s home on June 24, 2006 — which means their gotcha day is my birthday.

Emily is very pretty!

This is Emily

Rose was very close to many of the old time Cat Blogosphere members and in fact, Grace is the mother of Brutus and Marigold, and Audace and Ruse are their siblings. When another Cat Blogosphere member, Cathy, died a year and a half ago, she took in her cat Beau. Sadly, Beau became ill and died last May.

And now Rose is gone and Emily, Brutus and Marigold are desperately in need of a home. Can you help?

Marigold is also very pretty

Marigold, enjoying a sun puddle in 2012.

These kitties are lucky to be alive. They were about to be put down when ML found out about Rose’s passing and intervened. Rose — the woman who cared enough about other cats in the blogosphere to adopt one when his owner died — had no family willing to take in these cats and, in fact, no one in her family to step up and make final arrangements (ML is helping with that instead).

Brutus enjoying his Ess

Here is Brutus

Emily, Brutus and Marigold are all in rescue at the moment, but they need homes now! They are unhappy and confused and are taking Rose’s death very badly. Brutus (who Rose called her “heart”) is bonded to his sister, Marigold and they must be adopted out together. They are about seven years old. Emily is nine, and while it would be nice to keep the kitties together, she could go by herself to a home that would love a cow cat and that would be patient with her through her grieving process.

Marigold and Brutus

Marigold and Brutus are a bonded pair

Rose lived in Highland Park, NJ, and Emily, Brutus and Marigold are at a nearby shelter in Edison. Any one who can adopt, or help, can contact ML at mlgiggleman AT gmail DOT com, or see her blog post for more information.

Please spread the word and help these kitties find homes fast! No cat is happy at a shelter, and because these three are grieving, it is even worse for them.

* * *
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35 Responses to Urgent: The Royals Need a Home!

  • We were so shocked to read of Rose’s passing, and are sending purrs and universal Light that a wonderful home or homes will be found quickly for her fur babies.

  • We too are shocked and saddened by these events! We’ll pass the word along and purray hard for these kittehz. xoxo

  • Glad you got some pictures. I am going to go put on my post to come over here and see the pictures. We sure hope they can find a home. Thanks for doing this.

  • I didn’t know Rose but this totally breaks my heart. Just shared…..praying for the best.

  • This is horrible! I shall share your post, Sparkle, on my blog, since I was wondering what to write about anyway, and I sure hope someone steps up to the plate!

    Thank you for posting about this!

    Worried purrs,

  • We are a long way away, and wish we could help. We can contribute money but not a home. paws are crossed.

  • So sad to hear of her passing. Hope her beautiful babies get a forever home soon. I shared the post.

  • I am very sorry to hear this Sparkle. The publicist said that if she wasn’t so far away and didn’t have a house full already

  • We were shocked to hear the news and very saddened for the kitties. We hope someone can give them all a home.

  • We were so shocked and saddened to see this. I wish we lived closer and could do more to help

  • So sad, I shared everywhere I could, I hope it can help-thank you for this important post.

  • We were so sad to read about Rose and now her grieving kitties. We do hope someone can take these furbabies into their home and help them with their grieving process.

  • :(

    askin St Francis ta step in pleez and help theeze kittehs finds their forever home…quik… and a home wear they can all still stay two gether…..

  • We didn’t really know Rose and her kidlets but this story is so very sad. We really hope they all find a home and get to stay together, too. Good for you for helping to spread the word about their critical need. And thank Cod ML was able to step in to begin with.

  • I was so sorry to hear about Rose and so sorry that her beloved kitties almost lost their lives. How awful that no one in the family could help with her last passage. Thank goodness for ML..I so hope the kitties find forever homes and someone to love them.. Hugs GJ xx

  • We didn’t know Rose at all, but are still very very sorry at her passing! I will share the need of the kitties for a home xx

  • :sad: We are so sad to hear this. We do hope that these kitties can find a new forever home to go to.

  • My Human Bean Mom is so sad about this..This is what she worries about happening cause she has a bad heart..

  • Oh my gosh–I hope someone can help! I will send love and prayers that the kitties are placed together…and QUICKLY! Oh, I wish I could take them. :(

    My mom and I have an agreement that we will take each others cats should something happen to us. I know my mom worries of what will become of her kitty should something happen, so I have made a promise to take her cat. What I’m gonna do with her if that happens, I don’t know….but I will make it work. I guess we all should have a plan, eh?

  • TW is going to share this on FB since we’re in NJ. Highlands is way far away from us. I did read that Emily has been adopted and now needs transportation. That is so sad that she helped everyone but her family can’t even make arrangements.

  • Hi Sparkle, I gave this same info to ML but her comment list is long so I will also leave it with you, As I understand it, Rose lived in New Jersey.
    There is a rescue called Tabby’s Place that take hard cases like this one, check it out…….


    There was a blogger from Newtown, Pa. that worked there, unfortunately I lost some past info when my computer crashed. Do you know what rescue took them? =^Y^=Holly

  • Oh, I am purraying really hard that these sweet kitties find a home, and so is the Human! XOXOXOXO


    Somekitty posted not too long ago how impawtant it is that our Humans make plans for us because it is just unthinkable what can happen if not. This is yet another timely reminder for our Peeps.

  • This is such a sad story! Too bad we can’t take in another kitty. Besides having Julie who viciously attacks all new cats, we have 2 more than we are allowed to have. But our mom would be happy to help drive the kitties to their new home. We are purring someone comes through for them, poor things. We understand their confusion and fear.

  • We were so sad to hear the news about Rose’s passing and are so sad for the kitties. We are praying that loving people will come forward to help them all out especially with the trauma of losing their beloved Mom. It is wonderful that you posted about it Sparkle.

  • Thank you for posting this sad news, Sparkle. I did not know Rose very well, but I know she had a huge and loving heart, and that she loved her cats. Purrs, prayers and wishes that everything works out, especially for Emily, Brutus and Marigold.

  • It is so like ML to step up and take responsibility to help others. And pet bloggers to help too. A great community.

  • Sparkle, thanks so much for posting this urgent need. My Mom Linda is working hard today, Wed, to help find a way to transport Emily to her new home in Salt Lake City. Mom and another blogger are willing to split the airfare and if anyone else can help, that would be great. The challenge now is SOMEONE HAS TO FLY WITH EMILY!! from Newark to Salt Lake City. Know anyone in NJ who wants a free trip??? paw pats, and crossed paws, Savannah

  • We did not know Rose, but we are very sorry to hear of her passing and even sorrier to hear that no one is stepping up for these precious treasure cats. So we are sharing for them, with special message, on our s/n accounts, with love and *PRAYERS*<3<3<3

  • This is so sad. I didn’t know Rose has passed away. I remembered Beau and his Mommy. I hope kitties find a home fast. I wish I could take them, but I’m in CA.

  • Sparkle!!! Any news on tbis. I will do a backup blog post if there has been no response yet! Sorry I took so long to get to this Let me know if you can, I will share this to the ends of the earth – yu know I am not the paw wringing type I want to act! :cry:


  • * waves paw * Don’t owrry Miss Sparkle – CathyKeisha updated me all good now!

  • Praying that “all good now!* means what I think it means — that they have a loving, forever home now, Dash Kittens! Wd appreciate updates to that effect, YRH Sparkle… :lol:

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