Whole Paws Cat Food from #WholeFoodsPets: the Taste Test

Like I really wanted to relive this moment

As you might recall, my last post about Whole Paws, the new cat food from Whole Foods Market®, had Binga giving me the evil eye because she had to wait for the taste test.

Binga had to be locked away or she would have wreaked havoc on this set up

Well, finally today is the day! And it didn’t come soon enough because Binga has been in a bad mood for the past two weeks.

Yes, I am a food critic

We tried out the canned food first, since that is what we normally eat. Even though the Turkey, Chicken & Giblets Dinner contained some of my very favorite flavors, I did not like the paté texture and turned it down.

She practically knocked the can out of my human's hands

Binga loved it, though — and so did Boodie.

I was willing to give this a sniff

Next, my human thought she would give us the Shredded Chicken Dinner in Gravy. It’s actually more chunk like than shredded, as you can see, which is the texture I usually prefer. But I wasn’t that impressed. Again, Binga and Boodie loved it.

Impatience, thy name is Binga!

By the time my human pulled out the Shredded Whitefish, Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy, I’d decided to bow out of the taste testing and leave it to more enthusiastic kitties.

And yes, they did try to steal each other's food

As you can see, they hoovered it down! While all this was going on, my human had lost track of what I was doing, so when she looked over at the loungers by the French doors, she got a big surprise:

You didn't see this!

I was sneaking the Beef & Chicken Dinner! I also licked all the gravy out of the can of Shredded Chicken Dinner. And I was trying to be so blasé.

I can smell the tastiness right through the bag... wait a minute!

We don’t normally eat dry food except as an occasional treat (because of the way it is processed dry food can’t match the higher protein to carb ratio of canned food), but my human said we could try out the Indoor Formula Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe.

My human thought she heard some strange rustling while she was changing camera batteries

It looks like SOMEkitty, cough, cough, Binga, has already tried to get a taste test preview!

We all did this!

Since it was already open, I decided to help myself.

Yum! Triple yum, in fact!

I thought it was awesome!

She ruins everything

Unfortunately, so did Binga. As you can tell by my blur, I was quick to get out of there. But my human took the bowl away from her and let me eat the rest of it later in peace.

Whole Pets get Boodie's paw of approval

Boodie is a member of the clean plate club! So here is our assessment: Binga and Boodie loved everything from Whole Paws that was put in front of them. The only food I liked consistently was the dry. But then, I am famously picky. My human actually was shopping at Whole Foods Market right before coming home to help me on this post and she discovered that the Whole Paws line of cat food is very reasonably priced compared to much of the premium cat food she regularly buys. In fact, it is less than a lot of the other brands.


Whole Paws is the first time a private store brand has offered grain-free pet food, and even though only two out of three of us gave the canned food our paw of approval, one thing we all can agree on is that this is a great trend! Plus Whole Paws food ingredients are all sourced from the U.S. or Canada (except for lamb, which comes from New Zealand), which makes my human feel safer about feeding it to us. Did you know that 91% of pet owners consider their pets part of the family? Which means the other 9% must be humans who consider themselves lowly assistants to their cats… like my human. In which case, they should only supply their overlords with the best food possible — and Whole Paws is a line they should definitely check out!

Disclaimer: I have written this post on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for Whole Foods Market. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Whole Foods Whole Paws, but at sparkecat.com, I only share information I feel is relevant to my readers.

* * *
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  1. says

    you are a picky eater, Sparkle! 😀 It’s nice to see good quality foods out there that are easier for folks to find and afford. it’s nice to see evidence of other kitties assaulting bags of food too 😀 Thanks for sharing the review!
    We like that last picture of Boodie :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  2. says

    I am picky too Sparkle and I won’t touch pate either. Small chunks in gravy are my favourite. It looks like that dried food was tasty too but I rarely get that.

  3. says

    My human was nervous about the taste test because I didn’t like Whole Foods Market’s 365 brand cat food either. I think we like the kibble because our humans don’t like feeding us kibble. We’re rebellious kittehs.

  4. says

    We like the idea that grain-free cat foods are catching on to the point that private label options are beginning to make it to market. Hopefully this will be a trend that helps make healthier eating more affordable for more kitties.

  5. says

    Looks like another taste test for us coming up! Gotta try out the pate styles – we don’t do chunky or shredded food. We won’t be trying the kibbles though because they have rice. We’re completely grain free in this house.

  6. says

    Great review Sparkle! So glad the three of you got to test this out (and share it with the rest of us cool cats!)

    Be sure to stop by and meet the latest member of our feline family when you have a moment! :-)

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