Sparkle’s Human Astrology for Cats: Leo

Sparkle's Human Astrology for Cats: Leo

July 23 – August 22

If you are a kitty who lives with a Leo human, congratulations! It means you are the Best Cat in the Whole World. How do I know this? Because a Leo human only has the best in her (or his) home, no matter how palatial or humble that home is. If the Leo is wealthy, you’ll find her home filled with classy, stylish decor and the top designer names. If the Leo isn’t quite as flush, you still might find some of those beautiful furnishings and designer names anyway, carefully researched and found on eBay or the local thrift store — and the Leo human will be very proud of these finds. Leo will be very proud of you cats, too. If you showed up on her doorstep, it’s because you were smart enough to know that she would take great care of you. If you were a special needs cat at a rescue, Leo chose you because you were indeed “special” — whether you have three legs, diabetes or some other issue that lesser sun signs may balk at, Leo knows this only makes you a more amazing cat, filled with lessons to teach and love to give. If you are a breed cat, or were one of a litter of foster kittens, you were definitely the coolest one of the bunch. Leo always picks winners, and winners always pick Leos. It’s just a fact. At least Leo would lead you to believe that.

But let me tell you Leo’s secret: underneath her self-confidence and often-royal air is a niggling self-doubt. Leo wants really bad to be the perfect vision she has of herself, and she will never admit it to anyone, but sometimes she wonders if she is falling short of the image she so carefully presents to others. And that’s where you come in as Best Cat. It is your job to let your Leo human know that she is indeed perfect just the way she is, and that what she sometimes suspects is a pose is not a pose at all, but quite real. Your purrs, headbutts, and penchant for sleeping on her head at night will reveal the truth, that she is indeed awesome.

I’m not spouting fake flattery with all this, either. You could not find a more loyal, protective and devoted human than Leo (although Scorpio, in its own way, comes close). Leo will treat you like the small, helpless creature she perceives you to be. Of course, as a cat, you know you may be small but you’re not helpless… well, honestly, you’re not as self-sufficient as you think, and Leo sees a little bit of themselves in you. And Leo will make sure you have stunning cat trees, fun toys, and meals that are fit for the feline royalty you are.

Because their symbol is the lion, you would assume that Leos naturally gravitate towards cats. But with their need to be worshipped, the Leo nature conversely suggests they would prefer the unquestioning adoration of dogs. That is selling both cats and Leos short. Many Leo humans love all animals and certainly some are dog people, but they are often fondest of cats exactly because of our discerning ways. When a cat chooses to share his affection and life with a Leo, it validates Leo’s belief that she is exceptional and worthy of great things — your love being one of them. And it goes both ways. You, of course, knew you were the Best Cat in the Whole World before your Leo came into your life. And Leo choosing you only proved that it was so.

Most feline sun signs get along quite well with the affectionate, magnanimous Leo human, even those signs that might have difficulty in a human-to-human relationship. You earthy Taurus cats, for example, love being indulged and Leo is just the sign to do that. The same with Libra — while your affection may be a little light-hearted for passionate Leo, you’ll still appreciate her sense of style and ability to choose the food you love best — and you will show that appreciation. As a kitten, you active Aries cats may be a little crazy for your Leo human, but once you mature, your passion and spontaneous affection will be a highlight in Leo’s day. You Sagittarius kitties never quite grow out of your curiosity and clownish nature, but as long as you don’t knock over and break one of Leo’s treasured knickknacks, all should be well in your relationship with her — you both have a sense of fun. You won’t find a more passionate and devoted duo than a Leo human-Scorpio cat relationship. You Scorpio cats actually don’t care much about any fancy trappings Leo offers, but you do understand that Leo’s heart is true. You Cancer cats will love both the trappings and the affection — to the extent that Leo may even think you are a bit needy, but Leo will never turn down a kitty’s desire if they can possibly help it. Pisces cats are always a little bit of a mystery, and Leo thinks that makes you even more fascinating. While Capricorn cats aren’t flashy, you wear your hearts on your sleeves (or at least your arm fur), and the affection shared between you and your Leo human will be direct and true. You modest Virgo cats may be overwhelmed by Leo’s larger-than-life personality — it could take effort to avoid withdrawing into you shell. Unpredictable Gemini cats can be scattered, and sometimes you’ll confuse your Leo human with your changeable personality — until she understands that you just want freedom, breathing space and maybe a cat shelf or two. You Aquarius cats, like Gemini, may not be as affectionate and adoring as Leo wishes you were, but you will always be in the right place at the right time when Leo needs your support. It’s just something you sense, because you are one of those rare cats that understand the human condition.

The Leo cat and Leo human? You’d think that that would be a hard one, because Leo cats expect, nay, demand to be served! And of course Leo humans are not servants; they are leaders. Or are they? Only a Leo cat knows exactly the right buttons to push to make a Leo human dote on them… by convincing them they are the Best Human in the Whole World! And what Leo can resist that?

* * *
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  1. says

    I have not one but two Leo humans and they both know how lucky they are to have me . I am an Aries cat which makes us all fire signs. I had to laugh at sleeping on the human’s head because Eric always slept on my mum’s head and would stretch out a paw on my dad’s head. I prefer to sleep on her tummy though and keep her pinned down through the night.

  2. BrucesMom says

    Sparkle, You just provided us the purrfect birthday present for Meowma!! Thank You!!
    Jasmine, Joey, Eddie & Rosie

  3. says

    That is such good info. No Leos here. We are not sure when any of us were born and Mom is an Aries. It was good reading. Take care.

  4. Fred Cat's Tenant says

    I rent this house from Fred Cat.
    I’m a human who was born in January.
    That makes me a Catricorn.

  5. says

    No Leos here…cat or human. Sounds like kitties with Leo humans have it pretty good. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. Diane Regan says

    I’m a Leo with Leo rising and some more Leo in my chart. My Cancer male cat is VERY needy indeed. My two Leo girls are perfect, even the Torti Leo.

  7. says

    Yow Sparkle me Aunti Reeni next door is a Leo n she allwayz helpz Mum wif kitteh fingz altho she is nott a kitteh purrson 9so she sayz) 😉
    So me likez Leo ladiez alot…
    Mum iz a Cappycorn…she iz kewl too 😉
    Lub Nylablue x0x0x0

  8. says

    Leo is certainly an appropriate sign fer cats, but we arent that ourselfs (we are all Spring signs). We think other signs are better fer Beins (fer us cats). Our Bein is a Taurus/Gemini cusp type, which means he is Taurusy earth-bound and solid, and Geminisly multi-faceted and a bit unpredictable (which means sometimes nicely calm for food times and sometimes wildly playful with toys).

  9. says

    Purrfect fun! I’m a triple Leo with planets in Cancer to water me down so I don’t self combust 😉 I’ve never met a Leo that didn’t like cats. Look for my feline Leo astrology post on Friday.

  10. says

    I don’t has enough edumacation to understand all this, Sparkle darling. All I know is that I was prolly born in May or June and my Human is a Capricorn. Maybe that’s why I like Pricilla so much? Come see tomorrow!

  11. says

    Would you believe we have NO Leo’s in the family?!
    I guess Glogirly is on the cusp of one…whatever that means.
    But that’s as close as it gets.
    : ) Katie

    Katie: Gemini
    Waffles: Virgo
    Glogirly: Cancer
    Gloman: Aries

  12. says

    We have a house full of the best cats! Our mom is a Leo! We really enjoyed this post (Leos enjoy reading about themselves, of course).

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