Remember Them Today

I purr for the kitties in shelters every day

My heart breaks every day for kitties caged up in shelters, waiting for homes that often never come. I see them posted every day, flying down my Facebook newsfeed in numbers far too large to share. My purpose is to make my readers smile while I enlighten them about proper human behavior (and how we cats can get our humans up to snuff). I can’t write about these cats in need too often or you guys will become as exhausted as I sometimes am. Yes, every so often a face calls out to me and I spread the word, either here or on my Facebook profile, and it is one of the best feelings on earth when someone who follows me or “Likes” my page reaches out and rescues that cat in need. But every single time I post one of these sad stories, I feel guilty — because I know that for every cat I share, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, who are going unnoticed.

That is why it is so important to acknowledge Remember Me Thursday.

There is a saying among rescuers, almost a mantra, which is meant to help them keep their sanity: “You can’t save them all.” Millions of pets in shelters die every year because nobody stepped up to adopt them. It’s a cruel truth, and one that rescue humans are working hard on fixing. It is not fixed yet, so there will be more deaths and more tears to come. But if we all keep working together, eventually we can turn around these ugly numbers and that depressing mantra will no longer be necessary.

Until that day comes, it would do us good now and again to acknowledge the lives that weren’t saved — pay respect to the innocent creatures who were victims of human cruelty and left to die in a broken system. Can you please light a candle for these lost souls today? It does not have to be a physical candle. You can light a virtual candle here:

And while you are remembering these lost ones, can you do me a huge favor and also make a pledge to do something today, and every day from now on, to help those who are in shelters right now? They need you.

Remember Me Thursday

* * *
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  1. says

    Great post, I just adopted a new kitty from a rescue full of cats last Friday. He’s a noisy one, and a handful with lots of energy, but old enough that it seems no one wanted the poor guy. He’s my new best friend!

  2. says

    That is such a good post. I didn’t know that all this was going on today but I reckon it can go on everyday. It would be fun to find some other blogs that are not animal blogs and advertise the pets that need homes. Probably wouldn’t work but worth a try. Take care.

  3. says

    This post made us sad and we know we were lucky to be born in the UK where many cats and kittens are cared for by animal charities and rescues. All our brothers and sister cats (about 100) were saved from the same house too by the RSPCA and found new homes. We wish all cats around the world could be saved and get new loving homes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. says

    Wonderful post, Sparkle!

    As you know, I was a shelter kitty and it was a terrifying time for me. I am so lucky to have found the most purrfect home with my mum. I wish all the other kitties around the world (and other animals too) could find the love and respect they deserve.

    Purrs x

  5. says

    Very well said Sparkle and we hope one day we are celebrating that every animal has a home but today we’ll remember those who don’t. We didn’t realize this day was today but we think about those animals all the time.

  6. says

    It’s so hard. And there are so many who do so much and then there are those who neglect their animals and continue to let them breed over and over again making the overpopulation problem worse. We ache so much for those animals who need a home.

  7. Westley, Horus and Miracle Max (Mandi) says

    Every day, both Max and I thank you for posting his picture and story November, 2012. It was because of YOU bringing awareness to his situation, that he was saved on his “last day”, and was able to become a part of a happy, loving family. I too wish that I could save them all, and give them all love and a home like I was able to do with Miracle Max <3 <3 <3 Today (and every day) I think of them all.

  8. Riley Cat says

    We already give to ASPCA but is there a certain shelter charity we should be giving to as well? I know that you have named several specific shelters but something that just goes to shelters in general?

  9. says

    It is very sad because it is not the kitties or the doggies or the bunnies or the goaties faults. It is the humans. The ones who don’t get their pets fixed or don’t care for them properly or just dump them somewhere and think they can survive.

    I would like to give all those bad humans a great big butt!

  10. emilykarn says

    Selleck here. Dear Sparkle, thank you for your wonderful post. I was almost a shelter cat. My old family had to move to a place that didn’t allow pets and none of their relatives could take me. Luckily My Person learned about me and adopted me. I’ve had 5 good years with her and hope for many more. My person lit a candle for all the animals that aren’t as fortunate. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  11. says

    What a touching post Sparkle! I too was a shelter kitten that got adopted and then that awful person abandoned me on the street as a 4 month old kitten! Thanks to a compassionate vet at Fix Nation who found me under a car and Stray Cat Alliance in L.A. who then took me in, I was saved and found my forever home. My humans, fellow cat house mates, and I will be remembering all those less fortunate today. Meow and Namaste~ Pippy the Feline Yogini

  12. Ashley Ross says

    Hank and I lit a candle for all of the sweet babies that are not as lucky to get adopted. Hank is a rescue kitty and I really don’t think I’d have it any other way! They’re the sweetest and most thankful pets.

  13. says

    Bravo Sparkle very wonderful post of our kitty friends all over.
    The one who came before me was a shelter kitty…and evidently a jewel of a mancat. I thank my lucky stars that he paved a path of gold to my peeps hearts for me
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  14. says

    This is a beautiful post Sparkle and thank you for everything you do to help animals homeless animals…and also make people smile with your posts. Each day it’s hard for me not to get overwhelmed but I have to believe (especially when I work animal cruelty cases) that the tide is turing and that maybe, just maybe a better system is on the horizon that will save and protect more animals.

  15. says

    Oh, it makes me so sad to think of all those kitties, dogs, hamsters, birds, turtles, etc. that are sitting in a shelter tonight. I do what we can….we always adopt from a shelter when we get a pet.

  16. FuzzMother says

    Great post, Sparkle. We lit a candle for all those who have crossed The Bridge. We’d make Mom type more but she is crying too hard. Purrs… Serafina, Arya, Natasha Velvetpaws, Bean, Iggy, Teddy, and Useless

  17. says

    Beautiful post, Sparkle…
    It breaks our hearts too that they all can’t be saved. But every single life makes a difference. And through that life, we’ll honor and remember those that didn’t make it and we’ll do all that we can to help those that are hanging in the balance.

  18. says

    I pledge now and always Sparkle to do something every single day, either with my blog post or FB share or Tweeting…or through Mom and Dad volunteering at my former rescue and another one that works with strays and ferals…every day we will do at least ‘one’ thing to help those caught in the limbo world of shelters…*puts right paw over heart* purromise

  19. says

    Remember Me Thursday was a pawsome idea. I tried to tweet about it the past few weeks but unfortunately, TW wasn’t home to help me blog yesterday. I did light a candle. I was in 2 shelters and am happy to have a home. Linda is going through a compassion fatigue thing because she doesn’t want to believe that she can’t save them all.


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