Purrs of Comfort, and Making a Difference

Purring for everyone in Newtown, CT

By now, everyone knows about the terrible tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in NewTown, CT. But not all of you know that one of our fellow bloggers, cat rescuer and Kitten Associates head Robin Olson lives in this small and close-knit community. The whole town has been devastated by the senseless murder of 20 children and 6 beloved educators. Like everyone else, Robin is heartbroken and she wanted to do something — anything — that might ease the sadness of those around her, even just a tiny bit. Surrounded as she is by the purrs of many kitties, it is no surprise what came to mind.

Robin is opening the doors of her small, home-based cat and kitten rescue to children over the age of 4 and their families so that they can visit the kitties for some cuddling and play. Every child who comes by will leave with a free plush cat toy. Newtown residents who want to set up a visit can see this post at the Kitten Associates website.

Kitties for Kids

To help make this happen, Robin set up a Wish List for plush kitties on Amazon and mentioned it on the Facebook page for her blog Covered in Cat Hair. Within a few hours, the Wish List was sold out — and she had gotten an additional donation of 50 plush kitty toys from K.T. Cat!

Sometimes things happen that make me wonder why we kitties have chosen to associate with such brutal and cruel creatures as humans. Then humans like Robin and the lady behind K.T. Cat come along to remind me that the good ones by far outweigh the bad. I hope the Kitten Associates’ purrs of comfort are heard far and wide, and that it serves as a call to action for good humans everywhere. The negativity stirred up by awful events can be buried underneath the good created in its wake… if only we all make the effort.

* * *
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  1. says

    This makes us feel really good. Playing with the kitties will help take peoples’ minds off the shooting, if only for a brief while. Robin is awesome.

  2. says

    Yes, good can come out of bad and bad things brings communities closer. I live about an hour away and the entire region is in a state of shock. There was a big gun show scheduled nearby for Feb and today all the neighboring towns held a candlelight vigil and anti-gun rally. This will be a holiday season we won’t soon forget. For me, it’s about embracing what’s really important and not material things.

  3. says

    We read on FB that Robyn was doing this…and we think it is wonderful!! And YAY to K.T. Cat for donating more toys!! We continue to purr for all those affected by this terrible and senseless tragedy.

  4. says

    This makes our hearts happy and makes Mommy’s eyes leaky but because of happiness instead of sorrow. Thanks for sharing this information Sparkle! Thanks to Robin too! We’re sending her lots of purrs.

  5. says

    we hope that families reach out to Robin and her kittens for some comfort. Bourbon and the tiny kitts were sitting with mom for most of the news Friday night and she said it was comforting to have Emma sitting by her ear with her motor going.

  6. says

    This is a brilliant idea, and hopefully the people of Newton will keep visiting and receiving love and care from the kitties and Kitten Associates as it will take a very long time for healing to start. Terrible, terrible events there. Why are humans so mad and mean ? but thank goodness there are some who are kind too, like Robin.

  7. says

    My Human’s been a teacher for almost 40 years and she was totally gobsmacked by this event. She’s been very, very sad since Friday. We are happy to hear about this nice Kitten Lady though.

  8. says


    Mum and I are not usually kid people (well mum has seven of us kitties now so..…..) but we are been moved beyond belief at this event. I have long time friends who teach youngsters, we have a junior school (5-10yrs I think) in our own street, mums drop the youngsters off every weekday. They are looking forward to the summer holidays here in New Zealand and to Christmas. There is a shadow on the hearts of the world now.

  9. says

    That is such a terrific thing to do. What a nice thing for all those children. We hope maybe that will cheer some of them up for a few minutes and the stuffed cats is so wonderful.

  10. says

    That is such a wonderful thing that Robin is doing. We purr and remind ourselves that most humans are good, but there are some awful ones out there.

  11. says

    I am almost speechless because of the tragedy, but such a goodness brings a little bit comfort and relief to everyone, I am sure. But there’s so much anger and pain that wants to come out of me…it is so unfair…

  12. says

    Our hearts were warmed when we read about Robin and her Kitten for Kids idea…She has a heart of gold and I just know that the smiles she brings to some of Newtown’s children will make the world a better place. We donated a plush kitty too!
    xo, Katie, Glogirly & Waffles TOO

  13. jmuhj says

    Having followed Robin’s blog for the last 2-3 months or so, I’m absolutely amazed at the kindness, compassion, and caring she and her associates display toward felines and toward the members of their community who have suffered unspeakable tragedy. Hoping everyone reading will follow her blog and help, in whatever way, to spread the word about this healing and lifesaving effort. Thank YOU, Sparkle, for publicizing it, too. <3

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