Pure Nature, or Pure Silliness? Plus Coupon Giveaway!

This is the craziest campaign I've heard about all year!

When Tidy Cats came up with their version of an eco-friendly cat litter, Tidy Cats Pure Nature, they wanted to make it stand out from all the other natural cat litters that were already out there. Well, I have to hand (paw?) it to the Tidy Cats humans because this has to be about the most original campaign for litter — or any other cat product — I’ve ever seen! They came up with a country band called Cedar, Pine and Corn, named after the ingredients in the litter! It’s so silly… it might be brilliant!

Even better, there are cats all over their video clips, as you will see if you visit the Cedar, Pine and Corn website. So they are keeping the focus where it belongs — on us kitties!

You might wonder how Tidy Cats Pure Nature compares to the other natural litters out there. We did try it (the Tidy Cats humans offered to send me a free bag, but my human had already bought one!), and here is the scoop: it is 99.9% dust-free and lighter weight than the all-corn litter I normally use, and if you like the scent of cedar and pine (my human does and it’s okay by me), it is nicely fragrant! The clumps are a little softer and more crumbly than clay or straight corn litter (no, I am not going to show you… I would not let my human photograph my used litter!), and because it was so lightweight, Binga, our litter flinger, sent some of it flying. So as you can see, it has its positives and negatives. If you think it would fit in your household, it’s environmentally friendly and is definitely worth checking out!

I could not believe how many coupons they included!

Now here is the good news! I have some coupons to give away! In fact I have 21 coupons to give away!

I want these all to get put to good use!

Each coupon is good for $1 off any Tidy Cats litter, 7 lb. package or larger. So you can get Tidy Cats Pure Nature or any other kind of Tidy Cats litter you want. Use them for yourself or give them to your local rescue! All you have to do is say you want them in the comments below. I will pick out three commenters randomly to get five coupons… and one to get six! You have until Sunday night to leave a comment. All kitties need litter, so good luck!

We got the free coupons from the Tidy Cats humans, plus the Cedar, Pine and Corn poster but were not otherwise compensated for this post.

* * *
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  1. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    Oooh, oooh! We would like to try it & will share extra coupons with a local shelter. Thanks. Have a great Purrsday!

  2. says

    France is in the ice age when it comes to litter. We simply don’t have much choice. There is one place that sells Tidy Cats occasionally, and that’s about it. #1 says she remembers buying great litter in Japan that was almost dust-free, but there’s nothing like that here.

    The chans

  3. says

    Meowlo Sparkle!

    We’d love to have some coupons!

    And we can use them to buy a couple of extra litter pails to donate to our local shelter. WHat a great idea!

    MomKatt would love using a pine-scented litter. She’s going to try some in one of our boxes & see how we react.


  4. the mighty Isis says

    The human and I both need to find some kind of litter we aren’t allergic to. This would be a good chance to try out a new one. Thanks.

  5. says

    Ummmm…wow. That is so…you should pardon the expression, CORNY. It reminds me of the Mighty Wind movie, the mockumentary with the fake folk bands.

    Currently we use Corn litter mixed with Blue’s Walnut litter, because we’re trying to phase out clay litter completely. We didn’t like straight pine litter, but I’m curious about this. Please to be putting me on the list for coupons so we can try, please?

  6. says

    We just recently started trying corn, pine, and cedar. We like to pee in it, but prefer our regular Tidy Cat for the “serious business”. Mommy hopes we will eventually use the natural for all busiiness. We found your review “spot on”! Happy Thursday!

  7. Sky says

    Please can I have a couple of coupons. Any money that my housekeeper saves can be used to purchase fancy feast breakfast cans.

    AKA Prima Donna, ruler of the house, Ms. Queen

  8. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    We love our Tidy Cat, but we could really use some dust free litter that is affordable and that we like! With 25 litter pans in use, we make a lot of dust (and not those cute little *dust bunnies* that Momma is always talking about). So we would like to try this, if you purrrease :) Purrs and headbonks to you Miss Sparkle.

  9. says

    Okay – I want to try that…my babies are really good about adjusting to new litter – about a month ago we changed litter types and brands 3 times in one week! I stopped using Worlds Best because of the smell and the dust and the little white footprints all over our dark wood floors. Then we tried Arm& Hammer clumping and our apartment turned into a huge gravel pit and rock garden. Then there was another brand, I forget which – smelled awful, really hard and heavy so we went back to the old Fresh Step (non-clumping). I’d really like to use something more natural….

  10. says

    We would love to try the new Tidy Cats litter. We currently use two litter boxes, one is the Tidy Cats Breeze which uses the Tidy Cats Breeze pads and Breeze pellet litter and we use wheat or corn litter in our other box.

  11. says

    We actually looked at that cat litter in the grocery this week and was looking at it and wondering about it. So we would love some coupons to give it a try. Wonder if the cats will like the different smell. But I am sure they will get it smelling like themselves in a short time. Thanks for the offer of some coupons. Take care.

  12. says

    We’d like to try that litter since so far we’ve objected to all other ‘natural’ type litters but this one sounds like it just might work! We’d also use the extra coupons to buy litter for the local shelter too. Thanks for the opportunity to win Sparkle!

  13. says

    TW bought the new lighter Cat’s Pride but we haven’t tried it yet. We just bought a regular Tidy Cat today. I’d love to try the new one although I don’t think Pathmark around here has it yet.

  14. says

    This is fascinating as are all litter discussions, but I don’t think I’d use the coupons as I am so crazy and particular and right now we got a good thing going. The Human does not want to upset the applecart whatever an apple is, and whatever a cart is. People are so strange, Sparkle.

  15. Ms. Phoebe says

    I would love to have a coupon to give my human so we can try this new natural Fresh Step. Thank mew Sparkle for the chance, mew rock!

  16. says

    We loved using wheat litter but the dogs ate it (yes, dogs are disgusting that way) so we’ll pass on this offer. But we’d love to go back to a more eco-friendly litter. Oh well!

  17. APRIL ROBY says


  18. Sandra H Howerton says

    I just bought the new Tidy Cats natural litter but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’d love to have some coupons.


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