Meet Purina in St. Louis – Part One of Two

Welcome sign!

I was among 16 pet bloggers invited by Purina to a whirlwind event at their campus in St. Louis. Since I was unable to leave my duties in my own corporate offices, I sent my human in my place. They put her up at the Four Seasons Hotel (I think they forgot I wasn’t personally attending).

Coffee, tea - or me?

The Purina humans took awesome care of all the bloggers (and my assistant). There were digitized screens all over the offices with our blog headers and Twitter handles!

Rocki, in a rare angelic moment.

On the first day, they introduced the bloggers (and my assistant) to the company and explained its origins, beginning with William Danforth. They also introduced them to the resident cats, Rocki and Ava. These two were a little diva-ish.

She was MEAN to flat Skeezix!

Rocki pretended she was pleased to meet flat Skeezix, but then she pushed him off the table! Can you believe it?

She made the humans crawl under the table to take photos.

Ava sat in a chair under a table and when she had to pose with bloggers, she made airplane ears. Maybe they were having temper tantrums because they found out I was not attending.

Personally, I would have preferred REAL cat food!

After hearing about the company, their many, many welfare projects, and how they do their food research (the cats are treated and live like royalty, there is no invasive research or euthanizing pets, and the company only supports scientists who are equally humane), everyone got to have lunch at the Purina Culinary Center. All the food was based on pet food! Above is a tuna and aged cheddar sformato based on a Friskies flavor. The funny thing is that the chef, Amanda Hassner, used to work for the Lean Cuisine brand — and my human eats their food all the time!

I say stand tall and catch Da Bird!

After lunch, all the bloggers (and my assistant) took a walk around the campus. It was like a park! It even had a dog park. I’m surprised they did not have a cat hotel.

I'm surprised the humans don't play hooky and hang out there all day

They did have a lake and a waterfall.

Don't they look delicious?

And the lake was full of big, yummy-looking cod! Humans could feed them, and if they did, the fish went nuts! Look at them with their mouths open, waiting for food to fall. If I had been there, I would have been waiting for one of them to jump in my mouth! Even if they were nearly as big as me.

The Fancy Feast table

After that, the bloggers (and my assistant) were taken to a big meeting room set up like an exhibition hall with all the pet brands represented!

The Purina One people confess that we are wild, untamed creatures!

At the Purina One table, my human got a huge backpack with an umbrella in it.

I like the boxes - I bet they are fun to play in!

The Friskies humans were giving away bowls.

I hope someone I know wins this!

By the way, there is still time to enter The Friskies video awards — the deadline is October 12!

My human took one back to the hotel and had it for breakfast the day she left.

There were even cupcakes! They even had cupcakes that were orange kitties, like me. The Purina humans must have been really disappointed I sent my human in my place!

Just wait ’til tomorrow, when I tell you about the second day, when everyone went to Purina Farms — there were trained kitties!

* * *
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  1. says

    Wow, it looks like it was quite the event. BTW, our human’s drooling over the cupcakes, with her sugar addiction, but says they’re too lovely to eat. :-)

    We wouldn’t want our human to be at something like that, though, because she’d be exceptionally obnoxious about all the grains in food that’s made for *obligate* carnivores. But then, no Being lives forever, no matter what s/he eats, so happy and loved and safe take precedence we think (and so does our human, bottom line).

  2. says

    Wow, that really is a pretty place. Those cupcakes do look yummy. Can’t wait for the second chapter. Glad you got to go. Take care.

  3. says

    Thank goodness our Mum wasn’t here as she’d have shown herself up by eating all the cakes. What a shame your human didn’t catch some of those fish and your could have had them for supper.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. says

    What a COOL trip and great opportunity! I’m not quite sure why Glogirly wants to lick the computer screen…something about buttercream frosting. ; )

    Can’t wait to see and hear more!
    ; ) Katie

  5. says

    Wow how nice your human got to attend such nice event! I mean how lucky she is that you sent her :-) The campus looks really beautiful and the photo of fishies is amazing!
    These cupcakes are too cute to eat!

  6. says

    Oh Sparkle… I bet everyone WAS really disappointed not to see you in purrson. I mean… who wouldn’t be? But, I suppose, your mom would be the next best thing. Maybe next time… purrs

  7. says

    Wow Sparkle your human did such an AMAZING job of covering this catabulous event!!! Pays to have a good camera huh? Not one that dies like my Mom has!!! MOL!!

    I think you are right that the Purina kitties were upset that you weren’t there but my Mom was soooo happy to FINALLY meet your INCREDIBLE ASSISTANT! She loved her even more in pawson!!


  8. says

    Miss Sparkle, thank your assistant for a cool and fascinating report, we had no idea they had their own cats AND fish AND (Mum says) CUPCAKES!!!!

    Friskies looks amazing – they rock!

  9. says

    Oh Sparkle
    I am so glad you were able to send your assistant.
    That looks like one cool place.
    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  10. Katie Bella says

    Oh what a wonderful thing you did for your mom when you sent her in your stead! And may she do you proud!

  11. says

    Dear Sparkle, That was so nice of you to send your human in your place. It looks like she was well taken care of and had a nice time.
    I just love that they made cupcake that looked like you.
    Looking forward to seeing what is coming tomorrow. Blessings dear. Catherine xo
    P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the tuna casserole. It is on my list of things to make.

  12. says

    Wow, Sparkle! That sure looks like a neat place. We’re glad your human got to go, and that she gave you such a detailed report (and pictures to share)!

    We can hardly wait to see part 2!


  13. says

    Wow-sccccoooooorrreeee! I hope your Human remembers all that swag is YOURS, even the Human fudz and the cupcake. That was really really rude of that Rocki to knock flat Skeezix right off the table. As if! I guess they must get to thinking they is the Kings and Queens, eh? Well, they haven’t met *US* have they now, Sparkle?!

  14. says

    How cool! Those carp look really hungry, so be careful. Our mom likes the cupcakes, they are kawaii she says (Japanese for cute). Its seems only right the cats there should act like . . . cats!

  15. says

    How exciting…for your human. What a shame you couldn’t get away from the corporate offices! Especially given they had fishies! And cupcakes! Maybe even fishie-tasting cupcakes. And stuff, oh the stuff!

  16. says

    It looks like quite the event. I think the PR people are probably relieved that you didn’t attend. You are so handsome, no one would have paid any attention to their presentations. The audience would have been focused on you. Sending your human was a very considerate move.

  17. says

    Allie: Oh Sparkle! I can only imagine how DEVASTATED they all were to discover your lowly ASSISTANT had made the trip. though I *do* believe it’s scandalous – simply SCANDALous – that they don’t have decent cat hotel accommodations so you could have attended in style.


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