Love Saves the Day: The Book, the Tour, the Contest!

Love Saves the Day by Gwen Cooper
Gwen Cooper, author of Homer’s Odyssey, the best-selling book about her extraordinary blind cat, Homer, has a new book coming out: a novel called Love Saves the Day! There are three special reasons you will want to buy this book.

1. It sounds like a great read. It is written through the eyes of Prudence, a cat with a nice life in Manhattan… until one day, her human does not come home. She is taken in by her human’s daughter, Laura, and has to adjust to a new life, with new people to train. But Prudence comes to realize that training a human is about more than setting an acceptable feeding routine — there are also lessons in healing to be had. And Laura learns that love, like one’s past, never dies.

2. Gwen is doing an amazing 15-city tour for her book. Why is it amazing? Because she is not doing a bookstore tour — she is making her appearances at no-kill shelters! She will be announcing details on her website as soon as they are available. Paws up to Arm & Hammer Ultra Last litter, which is making the tour possible — and is also donating litter to each shelter visited.

3. There is a contest for anyone who buys the book the first week it comes out (and yes, pre-sells count)! The grand prize is Gwen herself — she will come to your town to lead a discussion or give a reading anywhere you want to set it up… even if it is just in your living room, and give a $500 donation to the animal charity of your choice! Second prize is a portrait of your special animal friend, done by artist Sue Hains. Third prize is autographed copies of Love Saves the Day and Homer’s Odyssey, plus one of the original photographs of Homer, used to create the cover art of Homer’s book. And the photograph will be autographed too! The book comes out January 15, and the contest closes at 12:01 AM Pacific Time on Monday, January 21 — the rest of the details can be found on Gwen’s blog post here.

These are all great reasons to buy Love Saves the Day, but did I say there are only three? I was wrong — there are actually four! Because if you buy a copy from my website links to Amazon, I get an affiliate referral from them — and I am donating all my Love Saves the Day referrals for the month of January to Blind Cat Rescue!

Buy Love Saves the Day from Amazon here!

Paws up to Gwen for coming up with an incredible book launch — one that will help many kitties along the way!

* * *
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  1. says

    Mom love ” Homer’s Odyssey ” a lots, and this is great to know she have a new book.
    and we love her idea in the contest to give away $500 donation to the animal charity of the winner’s choice!
    Thank you, Sparkle for the great review : )

  2. says

    I have to have this book. What a great review and like you said, Gwen is doing such a good job promoting it. So I bit and ordered it through you Sparkle. If I had the room, I would love to rescue a blind cat. Great review.

  3. says

    Sparkle, thank you for doing this review of Gwen’s new book. What a fabulous idea for a book tour to help homeless kitties at the same time (because we are sure some kitty adoptions will take place). We are going to click through to amazon right now!

  4. Katie Isabella says

    What an excellent review. I loved Homer’s book and this one will be a great read too. The prizes are wonderful. Xox

  5. says

    My Human is just SOOOOO uncooperative about the books I want to read. I mean she always says, nope, sorry, Bud, don’t you see that giant pile of books I haven’t read yet?

    Maybe I’ll pee on them, eh? This sounds like a pawsome story.

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