Leo Needs a Home!

Leo is a very sweet cat

Leo is a very special kitty, and I know for a fact that he is somebody’s soul cat. He is located in northern California and was rescued by Contra Costa Humane Society in Pleasant Hill, to give you an idea of which part of northern California he is located.

Leo is taking a magic carpet ride!

You may recall my blog post about Leo from a few weeks ago: he was suffering from hepatic lipidosis and he almost died. A bunch of you helped fund his recovery, and he is now well enough to go to the human or humans who know in their hearts that he is the cat meant for them… even if they have not seen him yet.

Leo loves to play!

Leo is a real people cat, which probably caused his hepatic lipidosis in the first place — he was given up for being “too affectionate” (as if!) and this sensitive soul went into a downward spiral after his abandonment. His eating will still need to be monitored for a couple of months after he is adopted, and he must have a water fountain to keep him drinking. He gets anxious when he is left all by himself, so at least one of his new humans should be home most of the time. Maybe they can have a home office like my human, or be retired or a stay-at-home husband or wife.

Leo getting a workout

Leo is a very fun guy! He loves to play and he is adventurous. He enjoys exploring everything in the house and even knows how to open cabinets. Although he was estimated to be between 6 and 8 years old, it is likely he is younger than that.

Right now, Leo is being fostered by Savannah’s humans, and they love him dearly. They really wanted to give him a home — badly! — but they have not been able to get Savannah to accept Leo and both of them are acting out because of it. So they want Leo to find a home as soon as possible, so he can have his own family to love, preferably not far from where he is now. It is better for Leo to not deal with the stress of traveling a long distance.

He is very cute!

For more information about Leo, click here. And please share this post and spread the word about him! Somebody has to know somebody in the northern California area who wants a handsome orange cat who will be a fun and devoted family member.

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42 Responses to Leo Needs a Home!

  • Leo is a very handsome kitty!!
    He looks so good too!!
    We purr he gets a loving home soon.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  • Leo is very sweet. It is a pity that he and Savannah can’t get on with each other because he would have had a lovely home there. I hope he soon gets a forever home.

  • Ginger cats are very affectionate, but they like to be an only cat ! Some years ago a ginger cat moved into our house, we didn’t know from where he came. We wanted to keep him because of his cuddly character and intelligence, had him spayed and tried to have him accepted by the others. No way, he became very aggressive towards my cats and even dangerous. We couldn’t keep him. Fortunately a friend of mine took him and he had the best home for the rest of his life. He always recognized me when I visited my friend. They are quiet special cats !

  • He’s such a handsome guy. We’re thrilled that he’s doing so much better!

  • Keep my paws crossed that Leo will find his own castle there he can be solo-king :)

  • Beautiful puss and we hope he gets the home he so deserves after his ordeals.

  • What a sweetie! He’ll find a good home!

  • Leo is sure looking good and we sure hope that he finds a great home. He is so handsome and looks like a fun cat to have. Got our fingers crossed for ya Leo.

  • We do hope Leo finds his new furever home very soon and enjoys his new life.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  • Leo is so handsome! We purr that he finds his furever home soon.

  • Leo is very cute.

    We’ll go tweet about him … Hope it helps…

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  • What a handsome feline! My human has a friend that just moved to No CA so we’ll be sending her (and others) this post to network. Meow and Namaste to Leo! ~ Pippy the Feline Yogini

  • I just know handsome Leo will find his own castle soon. He has earned the right to rule!

  • Leo is a very handsome boy and I hope someone gives him a home soon!

  • We’re purring that Leo finds his furever home soon! He’s very handsome! We’re glad that Savannah is letting him live there until he does find his home!

  • YAY for him being out & in a foster home now! But it’s a shame he & Savannah don’t get along! He sounds like such a sweetie pie. We hope someone comes forward for him – after all he’s been through, he deserves to be LAVISHED with attention & love!


  • He is so handsome. Hope he finds a forever home soon. I shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  • The network of friends Leo has to help him find his own home has grown and grown and I just HAVE to think someone will happily add him to their family very soon. He’s been through so much – and is now healthy and happy and thriving – AND he’s ginger…..I ought to know how special gingers are since my guy Sammy is a ginger…..we’re spreading the word in every way we can. Hope it happens SOON Leo and Savvy!

    Pam (and Sammy)

  • Leo is such a sweetheart and we are purring with all our hearts that he will find a perfect home!

    The Chans

  • Oh Sparkle! What a pawsome post for Leo! You really described his purrfect castle! We are hoping it comes soon. I unfortunately am hiding more UTB and not sleeping with Mom. I think I am anxious and Leo has done nothing to warrant my reaction. We have seen each other a few times, he is fine, but I get scared and nervous. Sigh

  • Leo melts my heart! Thank you for sharing him and I will share his story too…paws crossed he will find a loving home soon!

  • We have an affectionate lump of an orange kitty – he is dumber than a box of rocks but a total lover-bunny but why it it that orange kitties only come in one size – huge.

  • I’m purring for Leo too. M sure wishes she could take him, but WI is too far from CA, and she’s not sure how I’d be with another male in the house. I’ve been the king around here for 4 years now.

  • How adorable is he!!!!!!! We wish him good luck!

  • Leo is gorgeous. I hope he finds a furrever home soon!

  • We are purraying that Leo finds the purrfect home!! xx

  • Purring HARD that handsome Leo finds his own forever home soon! PURRS……

  • Leo sure is awesome and very handsome. We are purring and praying that he finds his very own forever home very soon.

  • Leo is such a handsome fellow we k now his special castle is awaiting him!

  • Thank you thank you and thank you again. I tweeted it and facebooked it and it got a few shares, YOu are far more popular so I hope that will help dear Leo. I am so grateful to Savvy’s pawrents and to Savvy for helping the way they did and all who stepped up to help this precious boy. Too affectionate? That is a horrible thing fir those former un-nice people who were blessed with Leo, to say!

  • we had seen some of the story on Leo. We’re glad he is ready for a furrever home! Purring for Leo!

    PIp, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  • What a sweetheart Leo is and we are so happy he is doing so well. Huge purrs and prayers for him to find the perfect forever home shortly that loves and cherishes him.

  • we will purr for his furever home and furever humans.

    we live around where leo is, we will pass the message along to friends.

  • I posted it a few places on FB including Cokie’s page. They seem to have a good touch getting cats adopted and they’re in CA. I really hope he gets a home quickly.

  • What a sweetie he is!
    Glogirly says she thinks the orangies are super affectionate. I have no comment on that.

    But I DO hope sweet Leo finds his forever family soon!
    We’ll be sure to share.
    xo, Katie

  • Oh he is a pretty boy – I doubt the four Farm cats would like a FIFTH Farm cat and I know the male person would spit

  • My Human got to meet him and pet him and play with him and she can vouch for his handsomeness and playfulness and good nature. He’s a WONDERFUL boy! She wishes she could have him, but she has spent 9 years trying to get me to be happy (ha!) and relaxed (ha!) and she fears upsetting the applecart. She hopes Leo will find his furever castle VERY soon!

  • Who gives up a cat for being too affectionate?!?!? Poor Leo. We’re glad he is well again and hope he finds a wonderful forever home soon.

  • We have family in California and lots of friends so we are going to ask our dad to post on Facebook. We sure hope another move won’t be a set back for Leo. it is so sad that he and Savannah can’t get along. He sure is a special man-cat. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Great Job Sparkle in spreading the word!

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