It’s Live Like a Cat Day!

I know you wish you could be me!

Here is a cool holiday for you humans! According to the Live Like a Cat Day website, it is “the one day a year where you can do absolutely whatever you want,” i.e., live like a cat! It is celebrated on the second Caturday in January every year.

I know you humans may need some help when it comes to living like a cat, so I have some suggestions to help you.*

1. Sleep in a sun puddle. In fact, spend most of the day napping.

2. When you are not napping, spend your time grooming. For kitties, every day is spa day!

3. Eat chicken and tuna all day!

4. When somebody calls you for something you don’t want to do, ignore them.

5. Sit in a box. Seriously. You don’t know how cool it is until you try it.

6. It’s winter, so it is probably cold where you are. Sit by the heater vents or radiator and enjoy the warmth.

7. Misbehave, just because you can!

8. Play with a milk ring jug or a twist tie! I promise, you will have a lot of fun.

9. Race up and down the length of your house or apartment for no reason. It’s even better if you do this in the middle of the night.

10. If somebody annoys you, whap them. (Binga added this one.)

I hope you find these suggestions helpful! Enjoy your day living like a cat!

*We kitties are not responsible for any consequences that may happen because of today’s cat-inspired actions by humans.

* * *
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  1. says

    Hadn’t even heard of this day, Or them, til now! Tried to follow their blog but they don’t have follow by email. I LOVE that the kitty is named “Bobo”, that was my Soul Kitty (and now my Angel Bobo’s name!) But…isn’t EVERY DAY “Live Like A Cat” day?

  2. Charpps says

    ohoh problem, meowma wants to trip us going down the hallway and the stairs, is that one of the requirements?
    Jasmine, Joey, Eddie & Rosie

  3. Katie Bella says

    Oh this is PERFECT! I know mommy will want to do these all. But I hope she finds other humoms who don’t mind whapping. Heeeee.

  4. says

    Sparkle there is absolutely no way my mom could curl up in a ball like I am right now with my tush touching my nose. mOL MOL MOL
    Your BFFF madi not liking the PTU being out. I’ve already been crammed it in once today

  5. says

    Oh our Person acts like a cat every day. She is always taking our sun puddles and eating tuna and chicken. Sitting in a box is a little harder. She would never get up if she got in a box. You know she is older than dirt. Hope all of you have a fantastic day.

  6. says

    Saturday is the biggest day of the week around here. There’s no time for TW to nap. Tomorrow is a family get-together, so she had to do all tomorrow’s chores today, plus make something to bring there. Maybe she can be a cat next weekend.

  7. says

    We suspect TBT was a major fail on this. He likes chick-hen OK, but there is none left in the house. There isn’t a box he can sit in, and we can hardly even imagine TBT sleepin in a sunpuddle. He gets up WAY too late for daytime. He HAS played with milk jug rings and wand toys, so that might count.

    He doesnt race up an down the hallways but he Does walk around a lot (an we follow him around the house). So he doesn’t race, but he DOES walk around pretty fast, and (from our point of view) he DOES Thunder). Well OK, the floors shake.

    We are pretty sure we dont want him ta whap anyone, since that would be US and he has HUGE paws. Seriously, he can just grab us an pick us up and we sure can’t do that to HIM! An in fact there was that one time Marley jumped up on kitchen counter (where we are all forbidden to go) an grabbed a piece of chicken from a plate.

  8. says

    Hey, Sparkle, don’t encourage her! My Human already did #1 today. She says she thinks she is getting yet another germ from some student-produced coughing and sneezing marathon. Or possibly a mild reaction to her flu shot. Or some ridiculous thing. Anyway, she was in bed half the day and I don’t really have much hope for tomorrow either. Pfft.

  9. Ms. Phoebe says

    I wondered why my human was ignoring my requests for extra noms- holiday or not, she knows the rules and will be disciplined accordingly.

  10. Baby Tali says

    This is Baby Talis’ mom Sparkle..I’m sorry I missed this yesterday..I would have loved to lie in a sun puddle and nap all day..I did toss a milk jug ring for Baby to play with and I would love to sit by and whap everyone who walks past me like my Susie kitty does..yes she is a tortie like Binga..Next year please remind us all about this so I can find a big box to sit in..of course all my 6 kitties will have to fit in there with

    • Baby Tali says

      I mean I would whap the humans that walk past me..I would never whap a kitty..but kitties don’t anoy me..most humans do and could use a nice

  11. says

    Wonderful tips! Must pass them over to my mum.

    She definitely takes more naps since she got me and jokes that she is becoming a cat (which I know it’s what she secretly wants more than anything).

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