If We Kitties Could Vote…

I have a dream...

On this U.S. election day, as I watch my human and her boyfriend go out the door on their traditional walk to their polling place, I think to myself…

What would the world be like if we kitties could vote?

It would be a different and much better world! Think about it:

  • Boundaries would be marked by peeing on them. If there was a dispute caused by too many opposing kitties peeing, the territorial situation could be solved with Feliway and by adding vertical space. No war necessary!

  • Bankers and Wall Street humans all would be out of a job because cats don’t care about money and economics.

  • Laws would be enacted that allow cats to bring their humans with them when being rescued from natural disasters.

  • There would be a health care overhaul; humans would have to have their temperatures taken the same way we cats have to.

  • Everyone would be allowed midday naps and lots of treats.

  • Humans convicted of animal cruelty would be facing a life sentence and maybe even the death penalty!

  • A big chunk of the budget would go to helping homeless kitties, and nobody would complain about less fortunate cats getting a handout.

But since we kitties are not allowed to vote (yet), it is up to you humans to exercise your right. Go vote! And when you are standing in the polling booth (if in fact that is how you are voting), stop for a moment and think, “How would my cat vote today?”

* * *
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  1. says

    Those are some terrific ideas on why cats should vote. You had our Mom laughing out loud. We of course especially like a large chunk of the budget going to help homeless kitties. Have a great day.

  2. says

    Now I can say for my cats : “We had a dream !” BTW thank you for the info on the lillies ! I didn’t know ! Arthur eats but not so much as usual. Fortunately he doesn’t seem to be too much affected. I’ll keep a watchful eye on him !

  3. says

    excellebn isn’t a new word our Mum has been gossiping all morning to her friend instead of commenting and her hands have obviously gone on a go slow. excellebn should read as excellent! (which it clearly isn’t!!)
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps no treats for her tonight!!

  4. says

    Of COURSE we love the budget idea! MomKatt, however, isn’t so keen on the thermometer idea … still, in for a penny, in for a pound!

    And we DEFNITELY voted!


  5. says

    Boy, what a better world that could be! We’re all for the naps and treats. And maybe required outdoor homes for the ferals with all the comforts humans get to enjoy. Purrs…

  6. jacque says

    Cats would vote for a paradise earth where they could be outdoor kitties with no dangers. They would vote for no more animal abuse…perfect food with no animal byproducts…loving companions…that is just a start from what my cat told me…..

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