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    They are all very beautiful!

    My human, she is nulle. Really. I can say that now that Santa came, right?
    She lost your address, so she could not send you one of my paper cards – which arrived like 4 days before Christmas (she’s blaming the store but I’m blaming her) and she did not make an ecard. She has to work on her good resolutions for next year!!

    Merry Christmas to you Sparkle, as well as to Boodie and Binga and your human! Plenty of purrs from us and our best wishes for a New Year full of treats, wishes fulfilled and success in business!


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    Fine collection of cards.

    Hope the day was a good one for you and all.

    Now! On to the new year.

    Not sure if we can handle much more of the Holiday Spirit. Maybe a couple three days rest up for the next gathering?

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    Merry Christmas friends, and thank you for the well wishes.

    What beautiful cards you have received from so many sweet friends.

    Julie and Poppy Q

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