Help Rescue Kitties Saved From a Devastating Fire

Power of the Paw - and funds - greatly needed for this rescue!

I found out earlier from the Random Felines blog that one of the foster families in their area had a devastating fire and many of the kitties living there and looking for homes perished! Here is a news item with some details about this tragedy. The human whose house this was, Joyce, is an awesome woman who has helped so many kitties and is much loved by the other people at Colony Cats (& Dogs), the Columbus, OH-based rescue she is associated with.

So far, the rescue has estimated that they lost 12 kitties. Nine cats are being treated for smoke inhalation. Sixteen cats in all have been caught, but there are still some frightened kitties that are loose.

This is a terrible blow to Colony Cats, and especially awful for Joyce. If you can help donate any amount of funds, that would be awesome — you can find the donation link at the upper lefthand side of the Colony Cats website. If you want, you can specify that the money is for Joyce’s kitties. And if you live near the Columbus, OH area, please consider donating food or supplies in person, or volunteering. Let’s pull together and help Joyce and Colony Cats recover from this heart-breaking event.

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  1. Mandi (Westley, Horus and Miracle Max) says

    How terrible! We (the kitty boys and I) sent a little donation in, and will help to spread the word!!

  2. says

    I shared on FB and Tweeted and asked for RTs. That is all I can do Sparkle. We can only give so much and it is never enough. Where are the 1% in the USA when they are needed??? Surely one of them would consider a few hundred dollar donation like a ’round off error’ in their check book…just sayin’…so many needs to fill

  3. says

    THANK YOU for posting this. Mom is choked up by your kindness. And THANK YOU to those who have donated. We aren’t sure how many are still missing, but the ones caught have been relocated to another foster. They had converted their garage into a foster room for FIV+ cats….the cats in there were not in cages….the firefighters found the cages that were in there is case they were needed. THANKS again for getting this out there……

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