Guest Post: Selina on Black Cat Appreciation Day

I have a very special treat for you today! My good friend, Selina from the blog One Eye on the Future, is guest posting! I thought it was only appropriate, since she is a black cat herself, to come by on Black Cat Appreciation Day and explain why our dark-furred brothers and sisters are so cool! You will also meet the other three black kitties who are members of her family below.

Selina is very well-read!

Meowlo! I’m Selina and, in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, my furriend, Sparkle, asked me to meow about why being a black cat is awesome.

The answer lies in our unique history. Simply put, black cats are survivors.

OliverPerhaps more than any other feline type or breed, black cats bring to the table a checkered history which charts the full spectrum of human behavioral response, from the barren outlands of cruelty and misunderstanding to the calm inner harbors of veneration and love. Down the centuries, we’ve been accused of all sorts of things, from the silly (bringing bad luck) to the hateful (being the companions of witches and devils). Just as often, we’ve paid for these ignorant misrepresentations by being tortured or killed — merely for being black cats.

Just look at me. In medieval times, not only would my fur color have been a strike against me, but also my being a one-eyed (or “uniocular,” as MomKatt says) kitty would no doubt have earned me top billing on Beelzebub’s minion list! Why, I might have been accused of using my empty eye socket to put the “evil eye” on someone! Back then, instead of sleeping next to a warm fire, I’d probably have wound up being put in one. Not a pretty thought.

PeppersYet today, we black cats flourish, thanks to peeps like my Mom&DadKatt, who use their passion for black kitties to help educate others about the wonders of being owned by “le chat noir.” In my family alone, we have four blackies, counting me, and I have a Black Angel sibling as well. MomKatt says eventually our house will be “all black!” And we know many other families that include at least one black kitty in their clowder.

As part of my research for this article, I interviewed MomKatt and asked what she found most appealing about me and my ebony siblings. She replied, “It’s not down to any one thing. Your mystique is a combination of many things, most of them intangible and almost indefinable. Most of all, I just love you guys so much!”

MorticiaNail on the head! Our appeal is ageless, our capacity to seduce and charm immeasurable. We are mysterious, yet overflow with love to give and are boon companions to the humans that care for us. We are astoundingly beautiful; our coats and eyes (be they green or yellow) shine, gleam and dazzle all who encounter us. Black cats elude generalizations and exude a presence — dare I say an “aura?” — unlike that of any other feline. We are not evil or cursed; we are precious creatures, full of love. All anyone has to do to find this out is get to know one of us. Our trust, once given, is more precious than rubies.

Despite the challenges we’ve faced throughout history, black cats survive and endure. My own story, as well as that of each of my black siblings and those of black cats everywhere, demonstrates our resiliency, making us even more precious to our pawrents. Every day, we delight our Mom&DadKatt and I know they wouldn’t trade us for anything in the world.

And if there’s one thing I’ve found that humans really dig, it’s a happy ending.

©Laura G. Carter 2012

* * *
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