Go Away, Grumpy Gareth!

MANY apologies to Grumpy Cat!

There was shocking news coming out of New Zealand this week: economist, businessperson and all-around nutcase Gareth Morgan wants to start a movement to get rid of the whole feline population of New Zealand! Yes, the very same country where some of our most popular blogging pals live, including Rumbles and Hammy and Poppy Q! But then, what do you expect, coming from a feline hater who freely admits that he prefers skinks, lizards and geckos to cats?

Morgan claims that New Zealand’s cats, both feral and domesticated, are destroying many of his country’s native species, specifically rare bird populations. Of course, this completely ignores the fact that cats prefer ground prey such as mice and voles to birds, and that there are other predators that are at least as dangerous to New Zealand’s birds… the main one being man himself. Humans have done more to invade and destroy delicate ecosystems than we cats could ever imagine doing! Maybe Morgan should convince humans to leave New Zealand along with cats.

The shaky science on which Morgan tries to manipulate to his advantage notwithstanding, it would be pretty hard to convince New Zealanders to remove cats from their lives. According to the New Zealand Pet Food Manufacturers Association, 48% of households there have one or more cats — the largest percentage of cat-owned homes in the world! Apparently, to be a New Zealander means to be a cat lover — at least for about half this nation.

In spite of all this, Morgan persists, and he even has devoted part of his website to encourage New Zealanders to make their current cats their last one. And even though he is not promoting putting cats down outright, he also considers it “an option.” Live in New Zealand? Please take the poll on his website to let him know that you will continue to support us cats and will always have at least one in your home!

How about Gareth Morgan To Go?

Image courtesy of AJ Hunter

* * *
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    • Rodney says

      I think that economists should wear collars with bells on them and warn us to get out of their way.

  1. says

    What at JERK! What a horrid man! We meowed in the poll, Sparkle, and it’s 76% to 24% “NO” in the answers right now. That’s telling him!


    Angry hisses,

  2. says

    Oh Sparkle these photos are fabulous…..wish I could say the guy is too but I can’t…..the word “IDIOT” doesn’t even begin to cover all the bases!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. says

    morons abound….. we hate that people forget that THEY are more responsible for damages to the ecosystem that us cats….. heck, around here, we don’t even get outside to destroy anything :)

  4. says

    This is terrible and we don’t like this bad, crazy man!…Really, what is the world coming to?…We hope you all are happy and well, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. da tabbies o trout towne says

    grate post sparkle; N we wuz just tellin another blogger pal ther bee a study conducted bout this whole “burd kill” rant…. N it wuz found more burds die frum their own disease; habitat loss; windows, airplanes, high rise buildings, the predators such az de hawk N de owl, than cats…period….we bee sneekin round at werk N canna look for de link…ore type what we wood reely like two bout this ass….pick sure two rocks … N pricilla iz rite..hiz web sites gettin hits…him iz prob ablee gettin paid per….

  6. Baby Tali says

    Destroy one species to save another one..I might be little but I’m smarter than that!! Of course he is just looking for attention..which he is getting a lot of..This is trick used by many un-talented human beans who can not get the attention they seek by using their own intelligence..If they have any that is..He knows that what he is proposing could never actually be done..

  7. says

    My furrend Dash Kitten and his human Whskr also live in New Zealand. What a nut! If this guy lived in the U.S. I’m sure he’d be Tea Pawty. HAH! BTW, I notice your human and mine are the only 2 to have never watched the Brady Bunch.

  8. says

    Some humans….they have too much time on their hands to think of such nonsense. I bet he was mean to a kitty when he was little and the kitty hissed at him–so now he hates us all…ugh! Idiot should be his name.


  9. says

    I suspect this delusional person’s false data is what is promoting so much anit-feral spam around the paw blogosphere…just IMHFO…Savannah…I voted NO, and of course, made a comment…bwaaahhhahahahahahaa

  10. says

    His species has done more damage to the environment than all the animals put together. He should go work on where the real problem is, and its right in his own backyard. What a hypocrite. He can’t really be serious, can he? Of course feral cats might eat some wildlife, but he should work with TNR programs and finding homes for the kitties that can be adopted.


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