Did Just One Day Work?

Everybody who adopted a cat on June 11 is awesome!

You might remember that when I blogged about Adopt a Feline Overlord Month, I also mentioned that June 11 was being promoted as “Just One Day,” in which shelters were urged to put down their implements of euthanization and become no-kill, at least for the one day. So how did it go? I went over to the Just One Day Facebook page to find out. And I was amazed by many of the stories there!

Shelter parking lots were full and many facilities were running out of animals! In Tucson, 116 animals were adopted and 16 saved by rescue organizations. Houston’s Animal Control is normally closed on Monday, but they opened their doors and offered free adoptions — in fact, it was an adoption three-day weekend for them that got homes for 149 pets. Thirty-two cats and kittens were saved in Sacramento. Boone County Animal Shelter in Kentucky adopted out 37 animals. Austin Pets Alive, which already advocates no-kill discounted their adoption fees for pets over 3 months old. Shelters in Florida, Tennessee and elsewhere were emptied! There was enough room left in many facilities so that no animals had to be euthanized on Tuesday either. Just One Day was a huge success!

Want more inspiration? Visit the Just One Day Facebook page. Wouldn’t it be great if this was just the first step towards making the U.S. a no-kill nation?

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  1. says


    The shelter I volunteer with is no-kill and let me tell you, having seen and worked with some wonderful kitties who took a long time to find their forever home, no-kill shelters are the best.

  2. Katie Bella says

    I am thrilled that there was success. I came from a shelter and foster program and I show mom gratitude every day. Thank you for coming to my pawty..it’s still going on.

  3. says

    Wow, these are great news, Sparkle! Thanks for your help on that!

    I love your blog! I know that you are a big star on the Internet and beyond and you probably don’t care that much about this but still I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This post proves again that it is well deserved!
    Check it here: http://texascatny.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/purringly-surprised-and-happy-two-more-awards/

  4. says

    That is such fantastic news. They need to do that again. It is so exciting that it was such a big success. Sure makes us smile. Take care.

  5. says

    Mom had been following along on facebook from work and was so impressed. It is a little sad that people need this push to get out and adopt, but what good news to hear about so many lives saved. :)

  6. says

    yo Sparkle! doesn’t it seem to easy that ‘just one day’ is all it takes?? But then, ya know…the power of social networks is pretty pawsome…

  7. says

    We wish really, really hard that all the kittehs and doggehs and even other animals could ALL find a good home. That’s why we love the Animal Shelter Volunteer Life blog (PAWS) because they keep kitties safe till they DO find homes.

    We will have a good story Monday or Tuesday about one kitten that’s getting saved!

  8. jmuhj says

    Many people get downhearted thinking about what happens in “shelters”, and when there are designated days when the unthinkable does not happen, of course it stands to reason that many more people will want to venture forth! (Contrast the traffic in most ACCs with that of, say, Best Friends in Utah!) And one more point — the mainstream media, not only in the USA but in many other nations, is jamming dogs down the public’s throats, and either ignoring or actively discriminating against cats (check the amount of anti-cat “jokes”, skits, articles, etc. in just about any media you choose! It didn’t used to be that way, but it sure is now! and it will remain that way until and unless we speak up about it!) — and cats are being betrayed and abandoned by those who are swallowing the media poison. We need to stop this! and we also need to realize that all of this pushing of one species is hurting another — cats — enormously. Speak up, speak out, and advocate for who you love!

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