Clawing Down Cat Myths

I saw a blog post over at the Found Animals Foundation website about cat myths, and while I thought they did a great job of debunking them, it’s always good to address these misconceptions from a cat’s point of view. So I will go over them one by one here.

Cats Are Evil
Okay, I don’t get this one at all. We are furry and cute. We are innocent and playful. We are beautiful and smart. None of that adds up to evilness. Maybe the same humans who think we cats are evil are the ones who are intimidated by intelligent, independent women who know their own minds, because such female humans have a lot in common with the best kitties.

This toy is dead-dead-DEAD!

Or maybe humans are intimidated because not only are we cute, we are fierce killing machines.

Cats Love to Drink Milk

I actually don't even like CatSip!

Actually most cats are pigs who will consume anything you put in front of them, which is why there is currently an obesity problem among felines in the U.S. Milk is food and cats love food, hence cats love milk. But we love anything meat, poultry or fish related even more — and animal protein is much better for us! I think the whole milk thing got started because humans were too lazy and cheap to dish up fresh meat for us.

Declawing Is No Big Deal
There IS no such thing as a pro-declaw kittyAhem, yes it is a Very Big Deal. It’s an amputation procedure, done solely on a human’s careless whim, and it can cripple a cat for life or cause complications years after it was done. It is also a myth that declawing keeps a cat from getting sent to the pound. Declawed kitties get dumped there all the time because without their claws, they start biting, or their damaged toes make using a litter box uncomfortable. If your declawed cat has no issues consider yourself lucky — you and your cat dodged a bullet. Getting back to the evil thing… I think humans who have cats declawed are evil, and that is no myth.

Feets don't fail me now!Cats Always Land on Their Feet

Please do not put this to the test. We usually do land on our feet, but not always. And if we are falling off a balcony of a high rise, we are just as likely to be seriously hurt or killed as any other creature. Even inside, who knows what could happen? We could make a grab for something and fall in a way that could cause injury, or maybe not have enough time to do the twisty thing that helps us land feet first and get hurt. So no tossing us around!

Cats Are Not as Friendly as Dogs
I look at it this way: would you want to be friends with someone who liked everyone indiscriminately, or would you prefer to have someone befriend you because she decided you were special and worth it? Would you want a friend who was needy and always begging for attention, or would you prefer someone who had your back, but most of the time made no big deal out of it? When a cat likes you, it is a gift not to be taken lightly. We are friendly to the people we trust, and isn’t that a better way to be?

So stop talkin' trash about us kitties, 'k?

* * *
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