Be the Change for Feral Cats… and Commenthon!

I asked my human to make a commenthon a regular Feral Cat Day feature

Many of you already know that tomorrow is National Feral Cat Day, in which thousands of humans work hard to raise awareness and remove prejudices about feral cats. Many groups will be spaying and neutering feral, or as I prefer to call them, “community” cats for free. Some groups will be teaching people that a cat colony that is properly cared for consists of healthy cats that won’t spread disease or breed. They will show that TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) is the most effective and humane way to reduce feral cat populations. Click on the link above and see if something is going on near you. My human will be attending an event put on by Fixnation and the Best Friends Free Fix LA Team.

Three Feral Kittens by Karen ThompsonYou are never too young to learn how to love and care for community cats, so I want to talk about a new book by Karen Thompson, the human who lives with the PDX Pride kitties. It is a small children’s book called Three Feral Kittens, and it is the story of Hemming, Miss Marble and Tigress, three feral kittens who were cared for by the PDX Pride humans (the story ends before Miss Marble’s tragic death). It also contains exercises and games to help young humans learn more about feral kitties and their ways. It is a short but very charming book, and part of the proceeds from its sale will be donated to the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon.

Now, here is the deal: today’s post is a commenthon, and for each comment between now and 11:59 PM Pacific Time, October 16, my human will donate 50 cents to Fixnation, which spays and neuters feral cats and has a Saturday wellness clinic in the San Feranano Valley for cats and dogs. The cap is $75, and please spread the word so we can make the limit! But there’s more… the links to Three Feral Kittens are Amazon affiliate links, and if you buy a copy of the book between now and the end of the day October 16, my human will add our affiliate commission to the total!

Today is also Blog the Change for Animals — please visit some of the other participating blogs by clicking on the image below:

Blog the Change
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  1. says

    Great cause to post for today’s Blog the Change! When I was a pet sitter, I had the opportunity to see a well-cared for pet colony. Because of TNR and two ladies who lived in the neighborhood, these cars were spayed/neutered and cared for the whole time I walked dogs in that area of town. I think this is a much more humane way to control a population that humans allowed to get out of control. The cat is the least at fault in this situation. Looks like Fixnation will be getting a nice donation from you! :)

    Mel Freer
    No Dog About It
    BtC4A team

  2. says

    We wish the best fer all ferals, that they get rescued and TNR, that they find ferever homes. But we arent ready to welcome new cats into our yard. Yet. Its… hard.

  3. says

    I managed to escape from lock up just long enough to leave a comment for your commentathon. I have to hurry back before “Holiday Auntie” notices I am missing.

    • says

      Emma, see if there is a feral cat coalition where u live. here, they provide humane traps for you to catch the cats, then they spay or neuter the of charge…and release.

  4. says

    a great idea for feral cat awareness! i rescued a feral kitten 2 years ago. my friend worked with the feral cat coalition in san diego using the trap-neuter-release program. she became very ill with cancer and a cat had a litter of 5 kittens. my friend passed away when the kitten was about 8 weeks old. so i took one, in honor of my friend and the rest were given good homes.

  5. says

    Whew–we’re glad we made it. And you know what? My Human says that she would be happy to MATCH your Human’s 50 cents per comment. We’ll come back and check in the morning to see what the total is!

  6. Shoko & Kali on October 13 says

    Fantastic…a feral day…this is overdue. Thanks for shining the light a little brighter for all of us.

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