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Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet DayThere is a drive today to spread the word about adoptable pets. The really cool thing about this is that, purely by coincidence, Kitten Rescue just held its annual St. Catrick’s Day Open House, featuring food, drink and the sanctuary’s adoptable kitties! My human baked some cookies for the event and came down and helped set up for a little while. Well… she helped set up when she wasn’t busy photographing adoptable kitties! She is a far better photographer than she is a setter-upper, apparently.

The St. Catrick’s Day Open House is a gathering and fundraiser for Kitten Rescue’s volunteers, fosters, supporters and their friends, and it’s a great chance to meet the kitties who live at the main sanctuary. Not all of Kitten Rescue’s cats live there — many of them are staying in foster homes. A lot of the kitties in the main area of the enclosure, where you walk in, are very friendly, which is no surprise since they are around humans so much. But enough of my meowing, let’s get to the party!

There were three tables of food. You could make your own falafel sandwiches, and there were vegan and non-vegan treats. Everything smelled really good, according to my human! Although I am not so sure, since I don’t see any tuna or chicken here.

The falafels had different sauces and lots of hummus!

My human's cookie's are in the back. She says they did not "travel well."

Vegan cookies, won ton and pastries - you humans are nuts!

There were also sodas, wine and water. Again, I wonder where the tuna juice was.

Or at least catnip tea.

There were merch and Scratch Lounges for sale, all to benefit Kitten Rescue.

Complaint: my human did not come home with a Scratch Lounge.

You could also sponsor one of the sanctuary kitties. In fact, if you weren’t there and you want to sponsor a cat, you can do so here.

These cats all could use your help!

Bitsy has been there the longest of any cat... unfortunately, I think he likes it there!

Now, let’s go in and meet some of the kitties! Each one of them has something special to say to you — just hover your pointer over the photo.

I will stare at you all day until you decide to adopt me!

The paparazzi!? I would like a more PRIVATE home, please.

I agree with the cat above! I want to be petted, not photographed.

If you give me a home, I will keep you amused for hours. I am very funny!

I am even more stunning in person. And I sort of know it.

I am worried I won't get a home soon!

Ignore those other kitties! I love attention and being photographed.

The party had barely gotten started when my human had to come home. She hopes some humans were inspired to adopt a cat! But even if you are too far away, or your home is already full of kitties, you can still donate.

The Kitten Rescue kitties thank you!

* * *
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  1. says

    That food sure looks good. Wish we had gone to that party. Kind of a long ways to go though.That is one good looking bunch of kitties. I sure hope that some of them got adopted. What a good idea to do, to have a party. Great pictures. Have yourselves a super day.

  2. says

    That’s sure some party you’ve got going on. The kitties are looking all spruced up, just waiting for their forever homes. “The Boys” and I are looking forward to hearing this is a huge success..

  3. says


    WOW – dat’s a real spread of pawty food Sparkle. I loves all those kitties dat are available. Wish my peeps would get another kitty pal for me, but dey said it’s the wrong time in their life. There are so many rescued kitties and doggies just waiting for forever homes.

  4. says

    The publicist melts any time she sees a black kitty. She really wants another one. But the male person tells her that 7 goats, 40 chickens and 4 cats are more than enough

  5. says

    We love the “St. Catrick’s Day” term!!!!!!!!!!! We will be purraying for all the kitties shown, and all the other kitties that need a home.

    This post makes us realize we really need to mellow out and accept our new sisfur, Shelly……she was homeless before mama brought her inside.

    Bless you for what you have done to help these homeless kitties…..xxxxxxxx

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