More Facebook Funnies

Facebook, stop making blogging kitties' lives so hard!

Facebook may be the social media site we love to hate these days, but I’ve still been busy gathering fun images there! Here are some of my recent ones.

Sparkle’s Human Astrology for Cats: Gemini

Sparkle's Human Astrology for Cats - Gemini

If you are a kitty who would like to live with a bunch of humans, you just need one Gemini because they are many humans in one! Find out more about them in today’s Astrology for Cats post.

What Cats Are Good For

On the other hand, my human's not good for a whole lot!

Do you know that there are humans out there that wonder what good we cats are? I have some answers for them!

Caturday Art: The Furry Edition

My human only used this photo to use my tail as an example - she says I look grumpy

Yes, it is possible to crop a long-haired cat out of a background and keep her tail looking nice and fluffy! This is how my human does it with me.

Living the Change for Animals

We are very excited about this book!

My human figured out a way to make helping kitties in need a part of her life — and I bet you can come up with a way to do it in your life too!

Caturday Art: The Sketch and Paint Edition

She always underexposes

This week my human took this photo of me and turned it into a combination of painting and sketch — see how she did it!

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