Behind the Scenes With Lil BUB

Lil BUB and her dude, Mike Bridavsky

The day before the Kitty Bungalow fundraiser, my human got to hang out with Lil BUB and her dude. What was that like? Find out within!

Facebook Fun Fest!

Doesn't my tail look awesome in this shot?

Here are my favorite Facebook posts from the past few weeks — bet you haven’t seen them all!

Human Litter Box Training, Step One

C'mon, get scooping!

When we cats don’t use our litter boxes, it’s not our fault — it’s the humans’! So I’ve decided to start a regular feature on litter box training your human.

Going for a ResQwalk

At least somebody is walking!

I sent my human walking! On a ResQwalk, that is! Find out about this awesome app and how it helps you help groups that rescue animals — just by taking a walk!

The Caturday Report: Kitty News You Can Use

I have lots of news for you today!

Here’s another edition of the Caturday Report, including news you can use and a free Kindle download from a friend!

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