Lessons in Cute

The Upside Down Cute

I have some lessons in cute for you today… in case you are getting rusty.

The Caturday Report: All Blogger Edition

I look up to my fellow cat bloggers

There were so many great posts from my blogging pals, that I decided to use them instead of looking for news from the bigger websites! Sometimes we bloggers are just better.

Human Manipulation Dos and Don’ts

This ALWAYS works!

When you are no longer a kitten — like I will be in a month — you need to work harder to manipulate your humans! So I have some Dos and Don’ts for you.

Five Things Sparkle Didn’t Teach Me

Can you see Binga's tail in the background?

I still have lots to learn, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of Sparkle’s notes! But there are some things she didn’t teach me — here are five of them.

Good-Bye, Monster

Yes, he was in something of a nip haze

Although Monster didn’t get the second chance at a home, he was loved lots at Kitten Rescue. I thought you would like to know a little about him.

Working Rescue Cats Wednesday

This is how I look when I'm thinking really hard

We kitties are happier when we are busy, and I feel bad for cats in rescues who have nothing to do with their time. But one organization has come up with a solution….