Geriatric Tortie Tuesday

Geriatric kitties might not pay enough attention to their appearance

This is the year that Binga will turn 15, which means she is officially a geriatric cat! Is she in denial about this? Let’s look at the facts.

The True Christmas Spirit

This was even too small for Sparkle

Even though we are not really having Christmas here, I do know about what real Christmas spirit is… and I have a few words about that.

The Caturday Report: Novelty News Edition

I hope it doesn't look like I am using a teleprompter

How much does Grumpy Cat make? Can stem cells help CRF? How can you make sure your cat toy is safe for your kitty? Find answers for these, and other questions in today’s Caturday Report!

How to Discipline Your Human, if You Are a Cat

Do Binga and I look stern enough?

I confess, I am a pretty easy-going kitty, but even I realize there are times when a kitty must discipline her human! Here some of the most popular disciplinary methods, and their effectiveness.

My First Thanksgiving

And I'm thankful for my castle too!

We blogging kitties have so much to be thankful for! Here is my list.

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