Birbug Madness

My human actually put me in here.

Just wait til you see how much fun I had with the Birbug and Telescoping Rod!

We Can Be Heroes… Just for One Day

I will never know what it's like to be behind bars - I wish the same for every cat

Do you know about the Just One Day movement? It encourages shelters to stop euthanizing adoptable pets, and help them find homes instead&nbsp:— just for one day.

5 Reasons Why I’m an Outgoing Kitty

If I look slightly miffed, it's because I really, really wanted to chew on the tulle and knew I wasn't supposed to!

There’s a reason I’m an outgoing kitty. In fact there are five reasons! Let me tell you about them — some you may even be able to do yourself with your cat!

The Caturday Report: Drama and Fascination Edition

I've got my Kitty Power look on

There are some very fascinating and powerful messages in this week’s Caturday Report!

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