The Caturday Report: Novelty News Edition

I hope it doesn't look like I am using a teleprompter

How much does Grumpy Cat make? Can stem cells help CRF? How can you make sure your cat toy is safe for your kitty? Find answers for these, and other questions in today’s Caturday Report!

Human Infractions

I hope you do not think I am complaining too much!

I like my human, but sometimes she falls short! And she can’t improve unless I point it out to her, right?

No Kitty Is an Island

I don't have a soapbox... but this scratch lounger will do

I have a lesson for you today! All about how kitties need companionship from humans! I included photos to keep you interested.

We Are ALL Therapy Cats

I bet you feel better just 'cause I'm here!

Being a therapy cat isn’t something special or different, really. ALL kitties are therapy cats! Here is how that works.

Let’s Talk… About Feral Cats

Maybe I can't be grumpy... but I CAN be serious!

My human went to a fun Kitty Bungalow event last night… and returned with more info for me to share with you about feral cats — and something you can do to help!

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