What Kind of Kitty Are You?


I have a fun poll for you today! I want to know your preferences — do you like other cats best, or humans, or nobody or everybody?

Birbug Madness

My human actually put me in here.

Just wait til you see how much fun I had with the Birbug and Telescoping Rod!

We Can Be Heroes… Just for One Day

I will never know what it's like to be behind bars - I wish the same for every cat

Do you know about the Just One Day movement? It encourages shelters to stop euthanizing adoptable pets, and help them find homes instead&nbsp:— just for one day.

5 Reasons Why I’m an Outgoing Kitty

If I look slightly miffed, it's because I really, really wanted to chew on the tulle and knew I wasn't supposed to!

There’s a reason I’m an outgoing kitty. In fact there are five reasons! Let me tell you about them — some you may even be able to do yourself with your cat!

An Earth Day Message for Humans

My human had to brush all the EARTH off me after this picture!

It’s Earth Day and I have some thoughts for you humans out there.

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