Yes, My Blog DOES Have a New Look!

Coding and web design are human work!

You have probably noticed by now that my blog has a new look! I have been trying to get this done since last September; I blame my human for not working harder to find a designer. The thing is, this was not just a simple matter of creating a background, header and graphics. The navigation and whole framework of the blog had to be changed and updated, and a custom theme built. So I needed someone familiar with how WordPress works to do some heavy coding and lifting!

Importantly, I needed the new design to be “responsive.” That means, it self-creates its own version on a mobile device. So if you look at my blog on your smart phone, it should look something like this:

I think it looks pretty cool

Well, you won’t see me looking over it — you will just see the blog. There are still be some bugs (like missing or wrong forms for my Login and Join pages of my Fan Club). So you may continue to see some minor changes (for the better) happening.

Oh, and best of all, that awful slider on the homepage that confused everyone is gone for good! I never did like that thing.

In case you are wondering where my Contact, About, and Fan Club links are, they are at the very bottom of my righthand sidebar now.

* * *
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  1. says

    I love your new look of the blog !
    Pawsome color ! Bright and Happy 😛
    But I hope you do not hate me for this, is it possible to move the title away from your bootiful face ?

    • says

      I wish there was a way to do that, but I am having to split the difference between that and making the blog work on mobile devices. My human and the webmaster human went around about this for quite a while!

  2. says

    parkle, your new look is very nice. Our lame humans don’t have a smartphone, but we think it is still a great idea for you to have a good version of your blog to appear on peoples phones. Love the yellow background theme to be like your book. :smile:

  3. Fuzzy Tales says

    It looks terrific! I was thinking of redoing the boys’ blog, found a couple of free templates I really like, but they require far more know-how than I have to get them up and working with the existing site. So I can imagine the HUGE effort it’s taken to revamp your blog, Sparkle. Great job, whoever did it!

  4. says

    Hey, we got to comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We have not upgraded our internet yet ( big cat dental month)
    and we normally could not comment .
    We hope you keep these settings :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  5. says

    We like your new look Sparkle! We’ll try it on the smartphone but Mommy can’t type very fast on it so she never comments on blogs from it but at least we can always see you!

  6. says

    The new look is FABULOUS…love it….the yellow background just makes your beautiful red coat SPARKLE (ahem….clever of me – yes?). 😛

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  7. says

    Sparkle, thanks for following our blog! We think you did a great job with the design of your blog. (Even though you said your human and someone else worked on it, we know you were telling them what to do.) Have a great weekend!

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