Wordless Wednesday: Outtakes from Yesterday’s Post

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    Oh Sparkle, those are priceless pictures, especially the first one. That explains your feeling for that talking kindle. Good stuff. Take care.

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    That was one tough photo shoot Sparkle! We couldn’t figure out how you were sitting but it didn’t look very ladylike! :) We did enjoy your outtakes though.

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    Why Sparkle! What a little devil you are — or at least you look like one! It must be the sparkle in your eye and the irreverent look on your face that does it.

    I don’t think these are outtakes — they’re absolutely hilarious!

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    Your outtakes are better than a lot of my Mom’s pictures!

    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

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    LOL…before the cool photo of you yesterday, there were these photos!!
    E-reading is too new for me but I would love to catch up with new technology. You are way ahead of me :-)

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    You been takin some lessons from me’n da boys? Dat third look jus about matches da one I throws the Large One when he hits me wif dat flashy ting on the little clickey box he sticks in my face.

    Lookin good aktually. You go dude!

    Later …..

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