Winner Wars

Ugh! If only I could have ONE Binga-free post

I was planning on announcing the winners of the Fancy Feast Delights with Cheddar samplers solo, but I guess that’s not gonna happen.

Hm. Is that a guilty look?

By the way, you wouldn’t happen to know what happened to the fourth can of Fancy Feast, would you?

Sigh. Just... sigh

I was hoping that would get rid of her, but she’s still behind me, isn’t she? Well, anyway, I have 20 winners! And instead of just listing them all one by one, you can see who they are on the Rafflecopter widget below! Look carefully — I’ve sent emails to everybody, but as of the time I posted this blog, there are still three of you that I haven’t heard back from! So if you see your name and you haven’t heard from me, send me an email through my contact form!

Concatulations to everybody!

This is why this post is called Winner Wars

Now it’s time to announce the winner of the Kitty Bungalow A CATbaret swag bag… if Binga will let me! She is still mad I told her she was disqualified from entering. I hope I can announce the winner without having to resort to smacky paws… and it is…

I hope you do not open up this box and find something missing!

Concatulations, Truffle and Brulee! I had better box up this swag, and the bag, before somebody tries to steal something!

* * *
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  1. says

    Congrats to everyone. WE are so excited that we were one of the winners. Yummy.
    And a big congrats to Sweet Perfections on winning that swag bag. That is terrific.
    Hope all have a great and wonderful day.

  2. BrucesMom says

    Concatulations everyone!! We can’t blame Binga for trying to snitch a little Fancy Feast. We tried the new varieties and they are yummy!
    Jasmine, Joey, Eddie and Rosie

  3. says

    We are so excited about winning the swag bag and want to offer congratulations to all of our furriends who also won. Thank you for sponsoring this.

    We’ve already replied to our email.

    Thank you

    Truffle and Brulee

  4. says

    Excited about ALL winners, including us! Thanks, Sparkle, for doing this!

    Binga … you just crack MomKatt up! MOL MomKatt was telling someone about “Tortitude” this past weekend, and has forwarded this entry in your blog to her as an example of what she’s in for. It’s her cousin and she JUST got a Torti kitten … whoo boy!

    BIG purrz!

  5. says

    Oh well my kitties didn’t win – but today I found Fancy Feast grilled chicken gravy lovers on sale – so they’ll be eating good anyway – and we got a coupon from the store for this new cheddar flavor…Concats to all the winners!

    • says

      Yes, a lot of them are the human’s names instead of the kitty’s names – when my human enters a giveaway on Rafflecopter, her name shows up instead of mine.

  6. da tabbies o trout towne says

    conga ratz two all de winnerz….way awesum prizes ewe bee gettin..N binga said de missin can oh feast came up missin when de naybor kitteh visited then left ina hurree….. 😯

  7. says

    Darn it! We didn’t win any noms! In that one photo you and Binga both have on the “if looks could kill,” faces. We’d be staying out of the way of both of you if we saw that. Purrs and hugs to all, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. Baby Tali says

    Yea!! My Humommy’s name is there..she told me I winned but I has to share wit the other kittehs here..Oh well..Yea!! 😛

    • Baby Tali says

      Oh yeah..I forgetted to say Thank You Miss Sparkle, Miss Binga and Miss Boodie and also your Human Lady..Yea!! 😆

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