Valentine’s Day Party Winners… and Thank you!

Binga wishes she could keep the Friskies toys... like we don't have enough!

This is definitely Thankful Thursday here because you made my party such an awesome success! We had so many commenters wanting Valentines that I am not even sure I will have enough for everyone! But don’t worry — we’ll think of something! Maybe my newer readers will get a bookmark from me. They are very awesome and have cat rules for humans on the back!

We also had so many comments that my human hit her full donation quota to Kitten Rescue! By the way, they are doing something cool right now: all Los Angeles residents who donate exactly 14 dollars to Team Kitten Rescue (who are benefitting the group for the L.A. Marathon) will get entered in a drawing for a week’s worth of gourmet cuisine from a top vegan restaurant! This is good through February 19th. So if you live in Los Angeles, check it out — and donate!

Heh. Like I would EVER cheat!

Now it’s time for me to pick my door prize winners! My human put all the names in one of the Valentine’s Day bags for me. As you can see, Boodie is watching to make sure I don’t cheat.

The winners of the two toy packages are Daisy and the Cats of Wildcat Woods!

How appropriate!

The Friskies toys and bag go to… Kevin, better known as Meowmeowmans! Isn’t that awesome? It’s almost like the rescue kitties at the Friskies Plus Playhouse are honoring someone who helps homeless kitties!

And the winner of my mug is… Mabel and Crew! You kitties will have to send us photos of the mug — it is getting sent to you directly from Zazzle and even we don’t have one!

I have made the kissing booth my new napping place!

Thank you once again for making my Valentine’s Day so fun! I wish I could give all of you a big kiss!

* * *
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  1. says

    Conga rats to all the winners. Yeah Daisy and Yeah Cats of wild cat woods. Well done. And all the other winners too. It was a terrific party, that is for sure. Take care.

  2. says

    I’m so glad that you will be sending your maximum contribution to help needy kitties! Way to go! Your kissing booths were just too, too PURRecious!

    And congrats to the winners of the door PURRizes, as well.

    In response to your comment about Dante not looking good in pink, please check out his blog at for his Valentine’s post and I think you’ll have to eat your words! LOL!

  3. Selina says

    Sparkle, MomKatt says she’d smooch you in a heartbeat! MOL!

    CONCATS to all the winners! What pawsome stuff you’ll be getting!


  4. says

    THAT is spectacular that you met all of your goals!!
    And concats to those lucky winners!
    We loved your party!

  5. says

    That is so cool that yous gots so many comments! And me wants to send concatulations to all the winners!
    Kozmo likes the kisses and he is blushing!

  6. says

    Well, Sparkle, maybe what you need is a big ole smooch from Spitty so you will be mellow and stop giving the King such a hard time.

    Darling, is this your way of letting me know you loves me just a little???

  7. says

    Dearest Sparkle,

    We are so sorry to be so late in thanking you. We are very excited to have won the Friskies toys and bag (and we LOVED your valentine, too). The humans were away for a few days (the nerve!), and found the package from you on the dining room table (where our cat sitter had placed it). THANK YOU! :)

    We love you for all that you do for so many. Concats to all the other winners … especially Kitten Rescue.


    Moosey and Sammy (and Dad Kevin and Mom Tracey, too)

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