Troublesome Tortie Thursday

Whatever you are thinking... it is probably right!
Can you guess what is bothering Boodie and I? I bet you can!

I asked, but my human said the shipping rates were too high.
I am trying to get my Secret Paws package together, and Binga is not helping! Maybe I should just tape up the box and ship her.

Can you see how hard I am working? And she is just sitting there.
I need to make sure everything is in order so my human can take it to the post office. I can’t show you what is inside, though — I know that the kitties who are getting this package read my blog!

UGH! She makes me crazy.
Can you believe it? The moment I had everything in order, Binga messed it up again! Yes, smacky paws ensued.

That was more work than it should have been!
Anyhow, I hope the kitties who are getting this package like it! It went in the mail on Tuesday and they should be receiving it in a day or so!

Blog of the Year Award
And quickly, I just wanted to mention that Spitty tossed a star my way so I could complete my graphic! He was not sure if it was legal or not, but I think having a contraband star makes it even better.

* * *
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  1. says

    Binga, you are welcome to join this crowd but betcha, you would like it very much here. We have three torties here and they all have the tortitude. That looks like a great Secret Santa package. Have a great day.

  2. Katie Bella says

    Binga, I know mom and I have said it too many times but you are totally gorgeous. Of course my mom is tuned into Torties. xoxox

  3. says

    You & Boodie are long-suffering kitties, aren’t you? I hear your pain. In MY case, however, my “bane” is in the basement! Though she’s been coming up lately & sneaking past DadKatt’s legs and getting into MY house. Humph! MomKatt looks out for me & makes sure that we are apart; d’you know Boudicca had THE NERVE to chase me onto the countertop and up onto the kitchen cabinets the other day?!? MomKatt showed her the basement door toute suite, lemme tell ya!

    Da nerve of that cat …

    PS – MomKatt says anytime you want to send Binga to NC, she’ll be ready. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    PPS – I like dem smacky paws!


  4. Fui, Suey & Lishy says

    Don’t send Binga to your Secret Paw, Sparkle. That would be a bit mean. Send her to us instead! We do recognise that cheeky tortie expression very well. Thanks for your comment, we are very happy :-)

  5. says

    mol! Sparkle, you kitties have some of the greatest expressions in those pictures ๐Ÿ˜€ We see Binga is an equal opportunity hamperer, er, we mean helper. hee hee!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  6. FuzzMother says

    I’m sure the kitties will love their Secret Paws package! Concats on the stars. You can send Binga here, Sparkle, if you agree to take Natasha Velvetpaws in exchange! Once you have Tasha in your house for about an hour, you will be begging to have Binga returned.

  7. says

    Darling! Surely a little contraband is not unknown at Casa de Sparkle!! Ha ha ha!

    Listen: My Human was SO LAME she did not even take any pictures AT ALL of our Secret Paws package before it started out on its journey. Sigh. She hasn’t done much of anything right this week. Really, no surprise.

  8. says

    oh come one Sparkle…Binga was just trying to make sure everything was smooshed down nice and tight in that box! Or maybe, she really does wanna go with to see how the recipients like it…not a bad idea actually…paw pats Savannah

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