Tortie Tuesday From a Different Angle

Binga has no idea she is about to be bothered with the camera!

My human saw Binga enjoying the sun and the open window the other day and decided to get fancy with the camera. The next three shots were taken from the side… in the small crack between the window frame and the wall, where the joint is. From that angle she could only get half of Binga.

Wondering what the heck my human was doing.

I think she saw a fly.

The outdoors smelled really good that day!

Now maybe Binga will stop trying to horn in on my photo sessions for a while!

* * *
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  1. says

    Very artistic, we especially like the second photo posted, the first one of Binga through the crack.

    BTW, Toby gets fed on our front step, then he wanders around the back sometimes and hangs out by our fence. So he’s not fed near our garden. The mom’s going to try either a citrus or eucalyptus essential oil on the fence, see if that helps to deter him hanging around the back. Well, Toby and the other roaming kitties–it’s not just Toby out there, though Toby comes every day (or almost every day) for his brekkie.

  2. says

    Binga, those are some mighty fine pictures of you. Love how your Mom did that through the crack. Well done. It is fun to try different things. Take care.

  3. says

    Sparkle, you can’t blame Binga. Just put yourself in her paws, living with a celebrity and all. Throw her a sprig of nip and she’ll dash right out of the limelight.
    ; ) Katie

  4. says

    We love Binga’s photos. She’s so pretty, especially in the last photo with her eyes closed, taking in the sunshine. Sparkle, you are so sweet to let her have a little shutter time, too. xx

    Tom, Mom Julie, the furry herd & special angels

  5. says

    Binga is beautiful from any angle! Those are wonderful photos! Your human is really good with the camera. Our mommy needs help in that area.

  6. says

    Oh honestly! Will they NEVER stop?? My Human shoves that dam* flashy box right in there betwwen the window and the curtain to violate one of the few safe little spaces I have left. It’s just an outrage.

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