Tipsy Christmas

It was sprinkled with Magic Fairy Dust, aka silvervine

Before my human brought out our Christmas gifts on Tuesday morning, she thought it might be fun if she sprinkled them with a bit of silvervine. The only problem was, she accidentally went a little overboard and spilled a lot on them! Seriously they were reeking when she put them down for us.

This thing is still sitting where we left it on Tuesday, and has barely been touched.

We were so high on silvervine that we did not really care about the presents! Here I am, halfheartedly playing with the first gift we opened — one of those circular things with fuzzy mice spinning around.

She also tried to eat the ribbon before my human took it away

Binga just wanted to go back and huff the wrapping paper.

Can you tell how impressed I was?

The next gift was one of those elaborate things that requires a bunch of batteries and instructions. My human was so proud of herself because she actually had the batteries on hand. Never mind that she had them on hand because she had to make an emergency run to 7-Eleven at 11 PM on Christmas Eve.

You do not have to read my mind to know what I was thinking.

Of course, the 7-Eleven batteries, along with being overpriced, did not work! I may never find out what this thing is supposed to do.

I have it on good word that this armoire is smarter than my human

Not that I cared. I was so high on silvervine that I wound up making love to the armoire!

I think I saw these sitting on the dining table... for like three months.

The last gift seemed like an afterthought. Cheap ping pong balls from the drug store? Really!

We are lucky none of us OD'd!

Binga couldn’t even be bothered to get up for them.

I think she had less silvervine than me and Binga

At least Boodie enjoyed herself.

Or maybe not

Until the silvervine got to her too. So yeah, this was not the most impressive Christmas ever.

* * *
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  1. says

    Haha! You guys were just a little too buzzed to enjoy it all! (And y’know what?? Ping pong balls are probably one of our favorite toys…they’re ‘specially good to whap around about 3am when the humans are sleeping.)

  2. BrucesMom says

    This is the human slave to Jasmine, Joey, Eddie and Rosie. The kitties had a wonderful Christmas tearing open gifts (that weren’t theirs), knocking off and losing or breaking ornaments, barfing on a handmade poinsettia rug, doing “quality control” as I am making goodies for everyone…..the point is …..I need some of this Silver vine!!! Please!!

  3. BrucesMom says

    Rant over, sorry about that. Our human slave just drank something called Christmas cheer. She has calmed down now.
    We want to wish everybody a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Jasmine, Joey, Eddie and Rosie

  4. says

    Peeps just don’t get it, do they? The nip and the vine (well… I’ve never had the vine but hear it’s excellent stuff) affect us in ways only we cats can understand. We all got nipped this Christmas. Gave us the munchies and then we all needed to sleep it off. purrs

  5. Baby Tali says

    Wow..I don’t think I’m big enough for some of that silver vine stuff..we got a wavy scratchier thing that Aunt Susie keeps sleeping on..some sock catnip toys that our human Mommy made..a big fish shaped scratchier that hangs on the door knob..and some bags of cat treats..Yum..we had lots of fun with the catnip socks and gobbled down a whole bag of cat treats..Yum!!
    From me..Baby Tali..My cat Mommy Molly..My cat Grandma Pudgy..My cat Uncle Chang..My cat Uncle Rascal..and My cat Aunt Susie..Hugs!!

  6. says

    Well, Sparkle, we hope the Silvervine part of your Christmas was good :) We got some nippy toys that were fun for the first two seconds and we haven’t touched them again :) We think the ping pong balls are great too!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  7. says

    Hey Sparkle! Mom brought home a ping pong ball today for me…what a bummer! It does nothing unless I do something ‘to’ it…personally I prefer that Mom or Dad be involved in my playtime…and if it has batteries??? Forget it! Scares me witless!!

  8. says

    The first time my Human gave me silvervine she TOTALLY overdosed me! She sprinkled like a whole half teaspoon or so onto a plate and let me lick it off. Whao, Nellie bar the door! I was so high she really thought maybe she’d killed me. Ha ha ha–good times, good times.

  9. says

    Well it certainly should be interesting to find out (eventually) what that battery powered toy does….it’s “the gift that keeps on giving” this Christmas apparently since you have to wait to find out….LOL….silverine makes everything all better doesn’t it?!?!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. says

    Oh my…what you crazy kitties get up to. We don’t know what silvervine is, but we do like us some catnip. The house cleaner, Chris, usually brings us some for Christmas but she didn’t this year. What’s up with that? You should check out “Nip Heads” on our blog to see what fun we had last year! Mom is headed to Google to check out silvervine. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette.

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